Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Wheel of fortune tarot card meaning

Card Number: X wheel of fortune Arcana (10)

Wheel of Fortune upright

advancement for better or worse, approaching the end of a problem, culmination, Destiny, future fate, good or bad luck depending on the influence of nearby cards, Inevitability, outcome, The Wheel suggests the outcome of events from beginning to end,

Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Bad luck, broken sequence, Courage will be needed, interruption or inconsistency due to unexplained events, Luckless for now, outside influence not contemplated, seeker will eventually reap what was sown, setbacks in affairs.

Tarot Symbol

There is a wheel which is turning clockwise. There are also many Hebrew letters and alchemist symbols. There is also a sphinx on top of the wheel.

Tarot Story

The Fool comes out of hiding and it is time for a change. With a staff in his hand, he heads back into the world and things start to happen to him even though he had expected nothing. While he wandered by the wheel, he met a woman who offered him a drink in a chalice. He was urged to keep the cup by the woman. As the Fool wanders by a windmill, he stops and admire a young man swinging a sword. When the Fool expresses his admiration for the sword, the young man offers the sword to the Fool and insists that the Fool keep the sword.

The Fool also chance upon a rich merchant who sits in a wagon and the rich man hands him a bag of money, claiming that he likes to give away money. The merchant claims that he had intended to give away money to the tenth person he meets and the Fool happens to be the tenth person.

With this chain of lucky events, the Fool felt that everything good he has ever done in his life are being paid back to him and that it is a lucky day for him.

Tarot meaning

This wheel of fortune card is about luck, change and fortune. It basically indicates abundance, luck and happiness. This card’s primary meaning is that some changes just come out of the blue and there might be a stroke of good, unexpected fortune. It’s like a karmic payback for all the good things a person has done in his or her life.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    While contemporary wisdom tells us that we are the creators of our fate the Wheel of Fortune continues to influence us even in our wholly modern world.

    Very early in our human journey we began to sow the seeds of how the game that is our life would play-out. We can say that the Magician sets the stage for that play. As Jason Lotterhand (Thursday Night Tarot: Newcastle Publishing Co., Inc. 1989) points out, this is a very dangerous way to play, but it is the only game in town!

    Life is a game: it has a playing field, players, rules, obstacles, and a goal to win. The playing field is the physical universe. We are the players. The obstacles are time, space, and the laws of the physical universe. The goal is ENLIGHTENMENT — understanding the truth about ourselves, others, and the physical universe.

    Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune can be said to represent, not only where we are in our human physical cycle, i.e. being born, birth, living, youth, young adult, adult, aging, aged, beginning to die, dying, but also how well we have learned the rules of the game.

    Many times in Medieval and Renaissance art the Wheel of Fortune images are accompanied by the words: “Regnabo, Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine regno.”(I shall reign, I reign, I have reigned, I am without reign). In a more contemporary vein we could add: Be Impeccable in word and action, Do Not Assume instead know, Strive to Excel in any undertaking, Don’t Take It Personally.

  • Heidi Post says:

    The scene for this card is set in the sky. The background is blue, there are soft clouds in the air.

    The centre of the card is dominated by the Wheel. In the four corners of the card are the winged cherubim of the zodiac. In the top left is a golden angel, with an opened book in her lap. She is facing towards the right. In the top right corner is a golden eagle, standing on an opened book, his wings are spread as if he is about to take flight. He faces left, towards the angel. The bottom left corner houses Taurus. The bull is also golden, his wings are relaxed. He is sitting on all fours, an open book in front of him, below his hooves. It looks as though he is reading it. The bull faces right. In the last corner is Leo, the lion. He too is gold, and is almost a mirror image of the bull, sitting down, ‘reading’ his book, he faces left.

    The Wheel at the centre of the card is a light orange colour. It has an inner core and an outer one. The inner core is dissected by 4 lines, the signs of the four elements are drawn in this circle. The outer ring bears the letters T A R O in English, with the Hebrew counterparts in between the English letters.

    A blue sphinx sits on the top of the Wheel. He is holding a sword over his left shoulder, the blade is pointing up into the air. The sphinx is looking at us. On the right side of the Wheel is a strange orange creature. He has the head of a wolf, but the streamlined body of a human. He is lying on the circumference of the Wheel, facing right, his legs are at the base of the Wheel. On the left side is a yellow serpent, his forked tongue protruding from an open mouth.

    LBW:- Destiny, future fate, outcome, culmination, approaching the end of a problem, good or bad luck depending on the influence of nearby cards. Inevitability. The Wheel suggests the outcome of events from beginning to end, advancement for better or worse.

    Reversed:- Bad luck, broken sequence, interruption or inconsistency due to unexplained events, outside influence not contemplated

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