What is electional astrology?

What is electional astrology?

Let’s suppose you decide to do something — something important. What is one of the first things you think about? When is the best time to do it, of course!

Astrology can give you the answer — and it is called an Event Chart. What is an event chart exactly? Just as the name implies, it is a chart cast with a particular event in mind.

Let’s say you want to ask your boss for a raise. When is the best time to do that? Or maybe you want to start a new business. When is the best time to open your doors to the public? Maybe you’ve been thinking about “popping the question” and want to be doubly sure of a “yes.” Or maybe you have popped the question, and now you want to pick a day for your marriage that will ensure a happy future together.

With the help of an astrologer, you can select a moment in time when the stars will help you achieve your objective. I use the word “help” advisedly, because the stars do not by any means control our destiny. I firmly believe that is in our own hands. But just as you can choose to cross a river when it is flooded and dangerous or wait until the floods have died down to a trickle, so you can choose the best time to launch your boat in the vast river of time.

What are some of the things we look for when selecting an event chart for you? First of all, if you are starting something new, we want the moon to be new and waxing in strength. We want the moon to be in a good sign for whatever action you are considering. And we want the moon to be in good condition. This means, the moon should be making applying aspects that signify the conditions we want to come to pass, while at the same making sure there are no squares and oppositions.

Another priority would be to keep the malefics out of the angles. Cardinal signs rising are best for new ventures and things go better if the sun, moon, Jupiter and Venus are above the horizon when you start something.

Of course, theory and reality sometimes conflict (have you ever noticed that?). It may be that you do not have a great deal of choice in the day and time you choose. But, astrology can still help by choosing the best time available from all your options.


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