What Are the Meanings of the Aura Colors?


By: Steve Jurvetson

An aura is a name many call the energy field that seems to exude from within all lifeforms. Many individuals see auras and the colors seem to have a variety of meanings for each individual. I am going to share a few techniques to help the newcomers get started. I know for myself, that sometimes just knowing where to begin can be the hardest thing when trying something new. Thus, I am going to share a few beginner’s techniques that I have learned from a few friends that see auras all the time.

Color Meanings of the Aura

brilliant white, with a blue crystalline tinge, like fresh-fallen snow). The color of life essence, and therefore a sign of high spiritual attunement. As you move into an enlightened space, the colors that signal the event are sky-blue, gold, and crystal-white, usually in that order.
The color to use for triggering intuitive and creative channeling, including artistic endeavors such as music and writing. When you are done channeling, remove it and replace with your customary color.

Intelligence, open-mindedness, inventiveness–the sustaining aspect of the life force. Yellow (life sustenance), blue (wisdom) and red (power) are the three primary colors and, at the moments of conception and birth, the three colors through which you burst into incarnate form.

Mentally soothing and uplifting. The consciousness is in the process of being elevated.

Sun-color; also one of the colors of newly risen consciousness and the hue of the highest earthly vibration regularly accessible. According to Eastern tradition when you see gold during meditation, you have touched God–or, more precisely, the realm of archetypal creation.

(and all clear, golden oranges). One of the three universal healing colors. Denotes joy, vitality, abundance, and especially the ability to shape matter with your mind (to draw material goods and congenial people into your life).


Strength, work, and activity. Bright red acts both as a stimulant and as a pain-reliever. However, since our society is already deluged by the type of energy this color releases, it is not recommended that you cultivate red in your aura or in your chakras.

Sensuality, passion, or momentary anger.

Love and affection.

(pale blue-violet) Idealism.


Sentimentality, nostalgia.

(red-violet) Self-exploration and inner vision, leading to compassion. Magenta fortifies intuitive ability.
Purification and transmutation; spiritual forcefulness. Useful when you’re attempting to make a significant personal change, but don’t overlook your physical body in the process.

(blue-violet) Soothing and cleansing. Helps control bleeding.

(crystalline blue-purple) Deflects and purifies hostile vibrations coming toward you, so that you get only nurturing input.

Self discipline, devotion, spiritual truth. Cools and relaxes the body; a sedative. Also generates confidence and the wisdom that comes with inner peace.

Peace and harmony with the universe. The color of the goodness that exists in every being; also the color to focus on when you want to feel at one with everything.


Another healing color. Attracts good luck and keeps mishaps from occurring.

Balance, serenity, inner quiet. A universal healer and neutralizer, green promotes thorough grounding. In addition, green is the color of growing. When your aura is green, or stippled with green, you’re DOING the growing. The green fades into your new auric color as your growth begins to consolidate.


Another color that stimulates compassion and sympathy.
The remainder of the colors listed here are mentioned so that you may recognize them as undesirable elements in your aura. You’re free to use them as reflective colors in your clothing and surroundings, but on the auric level, they deserve to be transmuted, due to their clogging effect on the flow of body energy and emotional well-being.

An important color for improving your ability to organize your material world. Should be worn as clothing rather than put into the energy field. The same is true of beige and tan, which help you organize on the mental plane.


(reddish-brown or orange-brown) Either greed or a flair for attracting material wealth. Wear this color if you have trouble earning money or getting decent return for what you do.

Deep-seated anger, the kind that doesn’t go away no matter how many temperamental explosions you have.


Repressed anger, often a mix of anxiety and jealousy. In Tibetan medicine, the astral color of cancer.


Produces a jangled vibration that feeds into survival fears and neurotic behavior patterns.

Dogmatism, rigid thinking.




Thorough depression and negativity. The angel of death is reputed to appear in this color.

As a color that you wear, has certain uses for introspection and inner growth. Black causes a kind of sensory deprivation, so that you have a chance to look at your old data without being distracted by new material coming in. Black does attract negative energy, however. It is not good to wear frequently, and it’s never under any circumstances to be introduced into your aura or chakras.


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Lorena StarChild

Lorena StarChild


  1. When your first learning to see auras do you first see it without color? Because im seeing an outline of myself but no color. I just want to know if im making progress.

    1. Lorena StarChild says:

      Hello there Kain, about sensing and perceiving auras of any kind, whether around objects or plants or animals, and so forth, what seems to be of paramount importance in a practical sense is shifting gears or phasing into a light trance mood, which effectively fires the engines of our more spiritual machinery and puts the predominately earthly senses into a soporific or sleepy background. One good technique which always works for me is to make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible and begin softly gazing at someone, particularly at and around the upper chest and head of course, and provided you are relaxed and breathing calmly and deeply, an ethereal white haze will shortly manifest itself around their visage before your field of vision. Ordinarily, you can expect that whitish haze to comprise about several inches of light, but if you continue gazing calmly and especially if you begin to enter a somewhat more pronounced spiritual trance, then after a couple minutes arcs or waves of undulating or cloudlike colours of a brilliant and intense colour will begin to show themselves coming off of the subject you are gazing at, which are of course waves of light and force energy being electromagnetically emanated from that particular someone which are by nature vibrating at harmonic frequencies and wavelengths above the ordinary earthly colour spectrum which is normally perceptible through our earthly vessels eyes. You’ll notice and remember them at once because they are so much more vivid than regular colours, primarily because they are luminous and phosphorescent, like neon lights. Also, the swirls of colour are always in motion, so that while gazing at someone with a predominately bright yellow aura, if they start thinking about some idea very strongly, you might see a bright arc of electric blue spark through their aura for a moment. Now, as for the meanings behind the various colours, I could only share some of my guesswork with you, but it seems that like most good books remark, that the brighter shades of colour denote more positive and therefore more evolved spiritual qualities and cahracteristics, and also that yellow seems to be a clue to a cheerful lighthearted character, green tends to denote caring and nurturing more compassionate sorts who are close to natures forces and mysteries, and blues seem to be characteristic of the realm of thought and intuition and inspiration… universal and cosmic forces and mysteries and such, I suppose. But the best way for you to learn about such things is to fire your engines and start exploring yourself, that is, by gathering authentic and empirical experiences which which will be for you like light in the darkness of a cave or a labrynth. Sensing auras is one of the talents that comes rather quickly, so keep practicing and before you know it you’ll be an authority on the subject yourself. Take care, and I’ll catch you next time

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