Virtual Tarot: Why Real Tarot Readings Are Better

By: Sabrina Dent

Virtual tarot – With the invention of the World Wide Web everyday more and more sites pop up that deal with the psychic world itself. What this has done is created sites that offer virtual tarot readings done by computer programs and on the other side of the spectrum real-life people doing the tarot readings themselves.

It is considered any online site that is offering computer-generated tarot or card readings. It is inexpensive as more than likely it is offered free, and the answers will come quick to you with the push of a button. The only issue that you must take advance notice of is that the computer program is only as good as the person who created it.

How do you know that the people that created the  programs are qualified to do such. Also in most cases the definitions or outcomes are generalized in the sense that they have been created for the public at large, and not solely for the situation that you have asked questions about.

Online tarot readings that are done by real-life people are usually the best way to go to get a more in-depth and personalized answer. The real-life readers will be able to pick up on the emotions and feelings that your situation currently entails and be able to give you a more qualified answer. Not every tarot reading done by a psychic online is free, but for your peace of mind it is always better to seek professionalized service.

One thing that is lost in these tarot readings, is that you were given the meanings of the cards themselves but not given advice on how to rectify the situation or be able to recognize the roadblocks that you face in fixing your situation. With personalized service a tarot reader is able to not only help you understand what the cards themselves mean, they’re also able to personalize the answer to your situation.

What most people don’t know is that there is more to interpreting tarot cards than just the actual meaning, it is also the energy and connection that you have with the reader. With a real-life person you’re able to go more in depth whereas in computer programming you don’t have that same connection.

Last but not least a human psychic reader can help you paint a more in-depth picture of what you’re dealing with, as they’re able to interpret the cards not only for the meanings themselves, but also how they fall within the spread that has been dealt. Only a true life person can help you fully understand the nuisances, the pitfalls, and the possibilities that your situation entails. Take this into consideration when you go to get yourself an online reading.

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. I have always felt that on a computerized site that something has to trigger the cards’ appearances. What do you usually do? You type in a question- AHA! the program searches for words in your question and pulls up ‘appropriate’ cards to answer that question. But – it is progarammed to do that! In reality, (only an example here) there are two cards that could answer your question – the 3 Cups or the 4 Swords cards- because they relate to rest and healing. but when you hand shuffle the cards and ask the question you get the 3 Cups; the PC program is set to pick up on ‘rest’ and give you the 4 of Swords – every time. The PC does not have the subtle influences of hand shuffling or the addition of the human energies to bring the ‘more’ correct card to the top of the pack. Incidentally- since I am really new here – has there ever been a thread about ‘how’ various people feel that shuffling a deck ‘works’?

  2. I noticed sometimes when I did a computerized read, I was feeling that the cards that came made more sense together, and that had me sketchy about the accuracy….. Example – reinforcing or opposing cards seemed to be coming up regularly in my spreads, and then I started to see it as not coincidence, but perhaps the computer was “programmed” to thrust certain cards together for “meaning.” That could be my doubt clouding me though, because often times, they were accuarate if I really concentrated and posed a succint question, but then I thought it was fishy that it was so accurate – then other times I felt it was totally hokey all together and very gamelike – so in the end, I ended up working with my own deck, in my hands, with lots of books and online resources and plink – landed in this site. My readings have improved greatly now that I can exchange information and learn about the cards from humans. The free lessons were also key because they were just that – free and they offered the chance to learn in a structured fashion, at my own pace so that I could do readings for myself, and not have to rely on anything else. There are my 2 cents. PS – I have found that now that I feel I do an ok job of reading my deck for myself I don’t even bother with the computerized readings…FWIW.

  3. Vernor Woodley says:

    As a programmer you should know that there is nothing random about what a computer does! LOL! To be random would take a program and then it wouldn’t be random, would it? LOL! O.K.- before I get started I will note that I have a computer 3-card reading done almost every day because I do not read my own cards any longer. IMHO: A program is written to ‘shuffle’ the non-existant cybercards. A PC does not accidentally drop them on the floor, turn cards around while handling them or bend the edges. I have an excellent tarot dvd that has two ‘hands’ that shuffle the cards as long as you hold the button down- it is still a program. Although I can take the pointer and ‘cut’ the deck- which could be considered random, the PC has decided where that cut is actually made on the cyberpile, unlike my own fingers deciding when to hold the cards and drop the others. There are many sites on ‘web rings’ that you click or spin something and get a random site. Those are programs that accept every 5th or 12th or whatever site there is. Even a program that changes the numbering for the next choice is still a written program, and it chooses it for you. As long as the human is not doing the choosing and the PC is, there can be nothing random about that choice.

  4. This is a very interesting topic. Personally, I have found that sometimes computerized readings “resonate” with me and other times, not so much. I can’t explain how it works, but it seems to me that with a human reader and querent, you get energy from both that contributes to understanding the meanings of the cards. The reader has knowledge and intuition. The querent has intuition and may also have some knowledge of the cards. With a computer-generated reading, it’s up to the querent and his or her intuition and knowledge alone. There is no one to ask questions or help the querent clarify. Yet as you say (and as many have experienced), it still “works” — at least sometimes and to some degree. I will be interested to hear from others on this.

  5. Vaughan G says:

    My intellect is still battling with my intuition over how card readings work. Hey, I’m a Gemini! I know readings can be uncanny and informative. For in person readings, I can see how intuitition, empathy, and knowledge can help the reader, and the same to a degree with reading at a distance for someone. But I’m a programmer as well as a writer, and the computerized readings seem like they’d have to be random. I understand how the basic programming works for these reading applications. The program simply sorts through a list of 78 cards, mixes them, just like in shuffling by hand through a loop statement, then spreads them out. The quarant then selects 6 or whatever the number from the fanned out cards. But I’ve noticed that we don’t have access to all 78 cards. It’s a smaller specified number. This number and which cards would be random, as the program goes through the iteration. The quarent chooses the cards, and the program then displays them with their definitions based on what’s in the database or flat file for those cards. They seem good readings to me, I just can’t figure out why. The only human element is in the choosing of the cards that are face down. I know many of you don’t fan the cards out, some do. Most computer card reading programs do, I’m assuming to add some human element in relation to the question? Anyone care to share their opinions and insights as to how these computer reading work, and if you have found they are very accurate?

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