Venus in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Venus in the Houses of the Natal Chart

venus in the houses of the natal chart

Venus in 1st house

Express yourself now and relate to others on a wonderful level of feeling.

Venus in 2nd house

Handle things well now and don’t mess up. You won’t if you behave well.

Venus in 3rd house

You will enjoy pleasant and agreeable surroundings at this time.

Venus in 4th house

This time is very restful (unless other planet influences are in hard aspect).

Venus in 5th house

Fun and entertainment prevail…have a good time of it.

Venus in 6th house

Now is the time to clear up any misunderstandings.

Venus in 7th house

Best of all for prevails.

Venus in 8th house

Stimulating for sexual desires.

Venus in 9th house

Time for art and extreme appreciation of beauty.

Venus in 10th house

Your boss or an authority figure will forgive you now. Play it “cool”.

Venus in 11th house

You will love your friends and activities now.

Venus in 12th house

One of the “best” transits for this planet: Help someone you love and be rewarded for it.


Lady Dee
VENUS IN 1ST HOUSE: This individual has considerable charm and a compelling need to relate to a partner – he needs to love and to be loved. This person moves gracefully and is socially ‘desirable’ due to innate sympathy and kindness, and a knowledge of how to act and ‘the done thing’. Sometimes laziness is present, or at any rate, a laid back attitude towards life. Time will always be made to relax. Psychological wholeness may only be achieved through a fulfilling relationship. The metabolism here may be slow, and there may be a dislike of exercise, unless it is something social such as aerobic classes. As Venus rules the thyroid, a weight problem is quite possible. Mostly, this individual is easy-going, but can be resentful. Parents of children with this placing should be aware of the need to instil a sense of self-discipline from an early age. The closer Venus is to the Ascendant, the more prominent its influence will be.

VENUS IN 2ND HOUSE: Venus’ influence is increased by its presence here in the Taurus/Venus house. Acquiring possessions is very important to this person, not only because he loves beautiful things, but perhaps more importantly because of the implications of material wealth on his need for financial and emotional security. Taurean possessiveness and the tendency to regard loved ones as belongings needs countering. These people are often very generous, but often so as an attempt to buy love and affection. This is more likely if the sign on the cusp of this house is a showy one like Leo, rather than a modest one such as Virgo. Good business sense is likely, and this person finds the business world both intriguing and enjoyable.

VENUS IN 3RD HOUSE: Here there is the ability to communicate sympathetically, and a mutual and natural understanding develops between this person and his or her close relations, particularly siblings. Intellectual challenge is a great pleasure, and difficult topics are often studied with great success. Socialising is important to this individual, who will also enjoy entertaining at home in a relaxed and informal manner.

VENUS IN 4TH HOUSE: Great pride is taken in the home with this placing, and the subject is usually very keen to make home a place of beauty, comfort and security. Relations with the family are usually very close, although this can cause a problem, particularly for women with this placing, when grown up children leave home. There may also be a tendency to spoil children, and to lavish expensive presents on them.

VENUS IN 5TH HOUSE: Appreciation of the arts is strong here, and if other factors in the chart back this up then creative ability is also often strong, especially in the fields of music, design and fashion. The love life is colourful with this placing, and this person enjoys romantic day-dreams. There is also a tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal, though, causing much hurt and disappointment when things go wrong. A love of luxury is common with this placing, but just how extravagant or trendy the subject is will depend on the sign which Venus occupies. A fascination with financial risk taking can be dangerous. Skilful games such as chess or bridge bring great enjoyment.

VENUS IN 6TH HOUSE: This placing indicates a great love of food, but a dislike of strenuous activity – obviously, then, weight problems can occur here. These problems may also be thyroid related, since Venus rules the thyroid gland. This individual is not very good at following a set routine, and tends to procrastinate over even routine jobs. A dislike of working in dirty or uncomfortable conditions is usually present, although this could be overcome if the end result is deemed aesthetically pleasing – for instance, pottery or horticulture may attract this type of person. Good manners are important to this individual, and he will be keen to set a good example to others, but also quick to criticise their slightest lapse.

VENUS IN 7TH HOUSE: Venus’ influence is considerably increased from its position in this the Libra/Venus house. The need to share life with a partner is extremely important, and in order to feel briefly fulfilled, this person may rush into romantic commitments. At times, this person seems to lose their own identity, so submerged do they become in the personalities of others. A well rounded relationship should be aimed for – encompassing friendship, good communication, some element of working together for joint progress. If Venus is inhibited by the Moon, Saturn or Uranus, the subject should be encouraged to work harder at relationships – perhaps they give up all too easily?

VENUS IN 8TH HOUSE: This placing increases the intensity of the individual’s emotions and passions, and sometimes jealous feelings can disrupt a partnership. The sex life is usually rich and rewarding, unless Venus is inhibited by either Saturn or Pluto. If Venus is in a water sign, intuition will be considerably enhanced, but in all cases there is insight and sympathy. By tradition, this is a fortunate placing for inheritance, and there is often shrewd business flair here too.

VENUS IN 9TH HOUSE: Here there is a great love of travel and a need to experience foreign cultures and ways of life. Quite often with this placing, romantic episodes occur abroad. Tradition also decrees that this individual will marry someone from overseas and live abroad, but of course this is not always so (often though!). A wisely relaxed and philosophical attitude to life is very apparent, and this person wants to live in an idealistic world. If he is well motivated and energetic (which Mars and the Ascendant Sign would begin to tell us) then action might be taken along these lines – campaigning for peace, for instance. Learning is enjoyable through out life.

VENUS IN 10TH HOUSE: This is an excellent placing for developing good relations with colleagues. If the subject holds a managerial or supervisory work post then he or she is likely to be a good, fair and well liked boss. Great pride in the profession is common, and the subject needs to be emotionally involved in the career in order to feel really fulfilled. Financial gain is important, but will not be the only motivation. Sometimes this placing is not so good for freelance workers, who can become lazy and undisciplined. Those who are not in a profession will have some idealistic ideas they can work out through a partner’s profession. The ability to identify with a partner’s aspirations and dreams and to provide practical and emotional support is also strong.

VENUS IN 11TH HOUSE: Here the social life is important. It will be very much enjoyed, and this individual will have a great many friends and a large number of acquaintances. Committee work will be sincerely enjoyed, as will furthering the aims of specific groups who represent the subject’s interest. There is also a genuine desire to please with this placing, and a flair for organising entertaiments or social events, especially if they not only give pleasure but also raise cash for charitable or humanitarian purposes.

VENUS IN 12TH HOUSE: With this placing, there can often be great secrecy about love and relationships, and often, due to shyness or inhibition, this person is unable to express their true feelings. This can lead to adulation from a distance and unrequited love. If this happens, a tendency to fantasise is adopted, and while this can be healthy in moderation, it does get out of hand for some of these people. Under stress comfort is sought from eating or drinking too much. Religious expression is often heightened, and is sometimes even an excuse for a repression of sexual and emotional relationships. An aesthetic or creative hobby that the subject can carry out on his or her own will be highly beneficial in helping relaxation. The influence of Venus is strengthened considerably if it is in conjunction with the Ascendant.

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