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Chinese Numerology

The Chinese have long been fascinated with numbers.  Chinese numerology dates back as far as four thousand years ago. The place that is believed to be the first venue of Chinese numerology is the Yellow River.  The story of the emperor Wu of Sai and the mysterious tortoise happened on the banks of this river. […]

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Biorhythms : What are they?

Biorhythm Cycle Biorhythms – Your biorhythm cycle started on the day you were born. Understanding how these cycles work in your life will help you better understand when to try new things or when you should put certain matters on hold. Your biorhythm chart will flow at different speeds as our energy rises and lowers […]

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Connolly Tarot Review

I must admit to having dreaded writing a review for this deck as anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I am an absolute Connolly devotee. I really love this deck – it was my first tarot deck and I am very grateful for having had the chance to use it. The […]

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