Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Card Number: XVI the Tower Arcana (16)

The Tower Tarot card meaning

The Tower Upright

Abandonment of past relationships, Bankruptcy, Loss of security, Severing of afriendship, Unexpected events, Breakdown of old beliefs, Changing one’s opinion, Complete and sudden change, Downfall, Loss of stability

 The Tower Reversed

Continued oppression, Entrapment in an unhappy situation, Following old ways, Inability to affect any worthwhile change, Living in a rut

No card scares an individual more than this card except maybe the death card or devil.. It implies that false structures, false intuitions and false beliefs will come crashing down, suddenly and violently. What an individual believe to be true might turn out to be false and that person may be in for a rude awakening when the final truth gets revealed.

Tarot Symbol

A tower is on a rocky and shaky outcropping. There is a powerful bolt of lightning and people were falling from the tower.

Tarot Story

Tower TarotThe Fool leaves the Goat God and comes across a magnificent and grand Tower. Actually, the Fool had contributed to the building of this tower when he was just embarking on his journey to discovery and he had wanted to prove himself as a better individual than the other men.

Arrogant men still live in this tower and they are a bunch of individuals who are convinced of their rightness. Upon seeing the tower again, the Fool is reminded of his past. He thought that he has changed as an individual when he had decided to embark on his spiritual journey. However, upon seeing the tower, he realized that he had not actually changed. Though the arrogant men who live in the tower, he also sees himself. So shocked was he that he releases a shout to the men. However, the shout seems to have taken a real form and a bolt of lightning slashes from the heavens and send its residents into the water beneath.

The Tower is only rubble now. Stunned and shaken to the core, the Fool experiences shock, fear and disbelief. However, he also feels as if his inner eye has finally opened. He is no longer resistant to change and tears away all his inhibitions and fear. He dissolved his belief that opposites can never be merged and he also shattered his ambition and desire. Now, he can really start from scratch as his soul is devoid of all the negative thoughts that had prevented him to become a new and better person.

Tarot Meaning

When the Querent gets this card, usually the Querent can be expected to be shaken up. The card reminds the Querent that it is time to see the truth and not to refuse believing in the truth. It is understandable as some of the beliefs one have are so hard-core that it will take immense effort to overthrow them. However, remember, only when these false beliefs are broken down will you have a soul to have new and real beliefs, making you a better person.

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  • Heidi Post says:

    The Tower is a dramatic card, of upheaval and destruction. A white tower, on the peak of a rocky mountain, is being struck by lightning. The very top of the Tower is gone, flames leap out from where the spire should be. The lightning strikes from the right side of the card, it zig-zags across the dark blue sky, it has an arrow shaped point where it strikes the Tower.

    There are three windows on the tower, each one is aflame. A large golden crown has been knocked off the tower. Two people are falling from this burning building, headed straight for the jagged rocks below. A woman, on the left side of the card plummets, head first, to the ground. Her blond curls fly about her face, her crown remains on her head. She wears blue robes and red shoes. On the right side of the Tower a man is falling, also head first. He has blond hair, is wearing a blue long-sleeved tunic, and white tights and boots. He also wears a red cape.

    There are some clouds in the sky, they look like smoke. There are flames in the sky around the Tower and the falling people.

    LBW:- Complete and sudden change, breaking down of old beliefs, abandonment of past relationships, severing of a friendship, changing one’s opinion, unexpected events, bankruptcy, downfall, loss of stability, loss of security.

    Reversed:- Continued oppression, following old ways, living in a rut, inability to affect any worthwhile change, entrapment in an unhappy situation.

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