Three Simple Ways to Perform Astral Projection

Three Simple Ways to Perform Astral Projection

Most Popular Astral Travel Methods -Three Simple Ways to Perform Astral Projection

One of the parts that people often get stuck when trying to do astral traveling is to actually break free their mind from their body. The preparation and meditation is not hard at all as you just need time and practice to get it right. However, the state of astral travel does not come easily. It might take you months of astral meditation just to get a single chance to astral travel. This can easily be ruined when you are unable to stand up from your physical body. Often times you end up waking up completely and you may have to wait for another few months before you get another shot at this.

When you try to too hard to move your body, you end up moving it physically. You will want to avoid that because it will cause you to break your meditation. Instead you need to imagine yourself moving out of your body and into the astral realm. There are a several astral travel methods to do this and most of them are easy to do. You just need to practice them constantly so you know what to do when the time comes.

Method 1: Floating/Rolling Out of Bed

This is the most basic astral travel methods that anyone can use. Just imagine yourself being lighter than everything else and that there are no gravity in the world. You just want to float out of your bed and fly to the sky above. It helps as you think about how great the feeling of flying it and how there is no burden holding you down. You can also imagine yourself being pulled up by birds. Don’t force yourself to try to float up instantly. Instead take things slowly and get used to the floating sensation.

Method 2:  Pulling Yourself Up with a Rope

Some people need physical aid in getting their astral projection out of their body. Another one of the astral travel methods people love to use is hanging a piece of rope or string on the ceiling. When you meditate, you touch the rope constantly to get a mental image of where the rope it. After that, leave the rope alone and get your mind into a relaxed state. Imagine your hands pulling yourself up on the rope. Do not focus on the rope at all because you do not want to exert the mind trying to imagine the rope. You just want to remember the feeling of pulling yourself up with the rope.

Method 3: Using Anchor

The concept is the same as the rope where you use an object in your room as an anchor. Take a look at an object that is further away from you. If you want to look at it closer, you will have to move closer to it. When you meditate, focus on a piece of object in front of you. You will want to you around with it, pushing and pulling it towards you but it is stuck in place. You can poke at it but it will never move. Then imagine yourself grabbing hold of the object and pull yourself to it. This should help to project your astral self right out.


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