Thoth Tarot Review

Thoth Tarot Review

thoth tarotThoth Tarot–  is a very powerful deck designed to serve as illustrations for his Book of Thoth, “a short essay on the tarot of the Egyptians”.
The tarot deck that Aleister Crowley and his friend the artist Lady Frieda Harris together made does not only contain Egyptian elements. It is rich in magickal, astrological and quabalistic symbolism as well. Although you would expect that reading the book of Thoth would bring much clarity in understanding the great depth of these cards, this is not always the fact. Crowley definitely was a great magician and a man with an enormous knowledge, great curiosity and artistic gifts, but his style of writing is not so easy accessible.

Second he had no difficulty in exchanging or altering traditional meanings of cards or traditional explanations of astrological symbolism; this in itself is very refreshing and welcome to keep wisdom and science alive, but it does not contribute to an easy understanding of his work. It makes his tarot deck and endless source of inspiration for the serious student in magick and occultism.

So can it still be used by people who have less in depth information or no magickal background: Yes, please do so, because this extraordinary strong and beautiful tarot deck will speak to you on other levels of understanding as well.

This tarot is a great one for deriving intuitive messages from the cards. If you allow the card images to reach you by meditating on them or looking at them openmindedly, you will get strong impressions. The makers of this deck really did a great job in translating emotions and energies through card images. A second help form the one-word explanations at the bottom of the cards. These short explanations form the core of the message of the card.

A third hint comes from the fantastic use of colors on the cards. Each color represents a certain energy or atmosphere; color is a language our unconsciousness recognizes, what means that we intuitively know what a specific color tries to tell us.

Of course there is the riches of symbolism on the cards that, although you may not know the meaning consciously, still has its effect on the unconscious level being a source of collective wisdom. Apart from all this the Thoth Tarot is a deck of outstanding beauty.

It was painted between 1938 and 1943 and from correspondence between A. Crowley and F. Harris we know that this work brought them much joy. Originally Lady Frieda Harris painted three magicians. They are all three very good. Both  the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are a beauty to work with in my case.

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  • sammi1lone says:

    When I first flipped through this deck, I was a little overwhelmed. There is so much information on each card and all those colors can be a tad intimidating to one who mostly uses the Universal Waite tarot deck. However, they are quite beautiful, each card truly a work of art, so I tested a theory.

    I walked my partner, who to that point had never looked at my decks for anything other than artistry appreciation, through his first reading. I told him how many cards to lay where and what the positions meant and then gave him a question. He was a little halting in putting together the story but it was quite adequate and summed up the situation I inquired about nicely. Not bad for being provided absolutely no assistance in card meanings from either the book or my general Tarot knowledge!

    I am now quite taken with this deck and enjoy both the immediate impact and delving deeper into each card’s rich symbolism. I happily recommend the Thoth Tarot deck to both beginner and advanced Tarot readers and enthusiasts.

  • MarieSmith says:

    This deck along with the Rider Waite-Smith comprise the two major divisions of modern Tarot card styles. There are numerous significant differences between the Thoth deck and the RWS deck. Not the least of which is the famous “Tzaddi is not The Star” from the Thelemic “Liber AL vel Legis” (The Book of The Law), delivered to The Prophet by a præter-human intelligence. Not only is the Hebrew attribution of The Star different, the numbering and name of Strength have changed along with several other name changes.

    After the changes to the Major Arcana, the next biggest change is in the ordering and names of the Court Cards. In the Thoth deck and its derivatives, the Courts are Princess, Prince, Queen and Knight.

    The deck is a “must-have” for serious Tarotist. Even if you don’t read with or meditate on this deck, its place in the development of modern decks is too important for you to be unfamiliar with it.

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