Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Temperance tarot card meaning

Card Number: XIV Temperance Arcana (14)

Temperance upright

accommodation, accomplishment through self control and frugality, adjustment, consolidation, fusion, good influence, harmony, management, Moderation, patience, successful combination, temperance, the mix or bringing together into perfect union,

Temperance Reversed

Competing interests in affairs, conflict of interest, difficulty in understanding others, Discord, hostility, impatience, inability to work with others, out of balance, Poor personal management, sterility. unable to adapt to a situation,


Tarot Symbol

There is an angel and a pool of water. The angel is pouring a fluid between two cups.

Tarot Story

Temperance tarotThe Fool continues his spiritual journey and thinks about how he can reconcile aspects of material and spiritual needs. He also ponders about death and birth. It is during this point of time that he sees a winged figure standing with one foot in a brook and the other on a rock. The figure is pouring something from one flask to another. Upon closer inspection, the Fool realized that the two items are fire and water!

The Fool got really curious and asked the Angel how she managed to mix water and fire together. The Angel told him that by using the correct vessel and right proportions, fire and water can be mixed together. The Fool was intrigued and asked if other opposites can be mixed in the same manner. The Angel indicated that all opposites can be mixed in the same manner and made to harmonize. The Angel further explained that only a lack in will and disbelief in possibility of unity will keep the opposites apart.

After hearing this, the Fool realizes that he has been the person keeping opposites apart and this is the reason why he has felt that his material and spiritual worlds can’t seem to coexist together. The Fool realizes that he could have merge his material and spiritual worlds together and all it takes is the right proportions and a right vessel.

Tarot Meaning

The Temperance card is a card on moderation. It advises one that the seemingly irreconcilable opposites may not be that irreconcilable after all. Change or modify your belief and you may well be on your way to reconcile irreconcilable issues. To me, this card simple inspires me: you are what you think and i think beliefs play a really important role in shaping of life. A person is only limited by his or her beliefs and without the limiting beliefs, much more greatness can be achieved.

So, if you are still being self-limited by your beliefs, do believe that all things in life are actually possible.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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  • Heidi Post says:

    Temperance is an angel, in a long-sleeved white robe, with large red wings. She is bare foot. She has short curly blond hair, her eyes are closed, and her expression is peaceful. Her head is illuminated by gentle rays. On her forehead is a yellow disk, with an orange spot in the middle. On her chest is a white square, with a yellow triangle in the centre. She holds a golden chalice in each hand. She is pouring water from the one in her left hand into the one in her right.

    Temperance is standing on the edge of a pool of water. Her right foot is partially submerged, while her left is on a rock at the water’s edge. Short green grass surrounds the pool, and longer thicker grass grows just behind Temperance. There are two yellow flowers (perhaps lilies or daffodils) in the green grass, and one yellow bud.

    Behind Temperance, to her left, we see lush green fields, a brown track cuts through them running as far as the eye can see. In the distance are pale mountains. A golden crown rises up above them, yellow rays surround the crown.

    LBW:- Moderation, temperance, patience, accomplishment through self control and frugality, accommodation, harmony, the mix or bringing together into perfect union, management, fusion, adjustment, good influence, consolidation, successful combination.

    Reversed:- Discord, conflict of interest, hostility, inability to work with others, difficulty in understanding others, impatience, sterility.

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