Tarot of the Old Path Review

Tarot of the Old Path Review

“The emergence of the Tarot of the Old Path is in recognition of the many card readers who are witches and initiates of Wicca, otherwise known as the Old Religion, the Craft or the Old Path.” by Harold Rodway (Author of accompanying book)

This deck brings a lot of astrological aspects into the cards. Each suit corresponds to one of the four elements, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. The suits slightly deviate from the usual, Rods replace Wands and Cauldrons replace Cups. Swords = Air, Pentacles = Earth, Cauldrons = Water and Rods = Fire. Also each suit corresponds to the element in color, Swords = yellow, Pentacles = green, Cauldrons = blue and Rods = red.

The cards have a lot of symbolism in them, including the use of some animals and plants to depict the symbolism of that particular animal or plant.

The Major Arcana has several cards that deviate from the norm and have different names, but the same meanings as most cards do in other decks.

#7 “Mastery” takes the place of The Chariot
#9 “The Wise One” takes the place of The Hermit
#12 “The Lone Man” takes the place of The Hanged Man
#13 “The Close” takes the place of Death
#14 “The Guide” takes the place of Temperance
#15 “Temptation” takes the place of The Devil
#16 “Destruction” takes the place of The Tower
#18 “Illusion” takes the place of The Moon
#20 “Karma” takes the place of Judgment

The accompanying book is really good, it goes through each card individually, telling the reader what all of the symbols in the picture mean in detail.

Special Note: The Fool is to be seen separately from the rest of the Major Arcana cards which are divided into the first, second and third septenary, as follows: Numbers I to VII– Forces of dynamic psyche; Numbers VIII to XIV– Spiritual influence; Numbers XV to XXI– Pure forces of existence This card which is numbered 0, shows a period of time before the beginning of a new cycle that will require action and decision, thus is may be seen to be placed both at the beginning and end of the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana cards are excellent as well!

This is my most used deck, it really speaks to me and I love the artwork and depictions on the cards.

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