Tarot of a Moon Garden Review

Tarot of a Moon Garden Review

Tarot of a Moon Garden was created by Karen Marie Sweikhardt and is published by U.S. Games Systems. This deck includes a 24 page booklet with upright and reversed meanings. The interpretations pretty much follow the traditional meanings of the Tarot, in fact they even follow suit — Swords, Staffs (Wands), Cups, and Pentacles.

The suit of Swords has dragonflies drawn on the sword handle. This suit represents worries and decisions. With the dragonfly and the sword together, I tell my clients that no worry or decision is set in stone. Self-confidence, trust and faith will make the dragonfly take flight with the sword close behind him. The more one worries, the heavier and harder it is for the dragonfly to carry those worries away.

The suit of Staffs are represented by growing trees. Pictured are many green vines, leaves, and colorful flowers to show abundant growth and learning. Looking at this suit gives a feeling of nature, being out in the middle of a forest. One can learn the most about himself, sitting and listening to the quiet, hearing the voice within.

The Cups are beautiful golden chalices. On a personal note, this is my favorite suit. Sweikhardt imparts abundant life with her use of creative colors, flowers and beautiful fairies. There’s even a hot air balloon on the Page of Cups. The feeling I get as I look at this card is one of being carefree and enjoying life. A fairy sits on a mushroom, with the balloon overhead, holding a cup that appears to be made out of a flower. To me, creativity is the key to this Page. New beginnings await, now sit back and let them happen.

The Pentacles are represented by a star drawn inside a bubble. Depicting much abundance, the Pentacles themselves appear to hover or float within the cards. Sweikhardt — with her use of color and wonderful ferns, flowers, and butterflies — gives the feeling of prosperity and new growth to this suit. Being aware of what is around us is the key. Abundance doesn’t have to be in the form of money. Most of the riches that we have are more than money could ever buy.

The Major Arcana are very different and unique. Looking through the trumps, gives a feeling of serenity seeing how beautiful the real world can be. Looking at some of the harder Major Arcana cards, Death, for instance, shows a grim reaper dressed in purple holding a sickle in one hand and a lantern in the other. This card has such soft tones, that it gives a peaceful feeling. In some decks, this card appears very frightening and sometimes leaves the seeker feeling very uneasy. The death trump really means transformation and transition. In this deck, there is a lot of violet shades, which means there is much spiritual influence in the seeker’s life. Also, looking at this death card gives a feeling of change, most likely a spiritual one. The Waning moon appears as the grim reaper’s sickle, also signifying soon will be a new moon and new beginnings lie ahead.

The Moon appears in many of the cards in her waning, waxing and full phases. If you love the moon and love to work with her energy, then I feel that this is a deck you will enjoy.

Sweikhardt uses rainbow-like, whimsical colors to give Tarot of a Moon Garden the feeling of a fantasy or fairytale. She uses an abundance of castles, unicorns, butterflies, dragons, dragonflies, mushrooms and fairies in this special deck. Tarot of a Moon Garden has a story to be shared with all who seek guidance from Spirit. I feel Spirit speaks directly to us through all tarot decks, but with this one, Spirit speaks to us gently with very soft energy.

I wouldn’t recommend Tarot of a Moon Garden for beginning Tarot readers. I feel that a reader would have to have some background before he or she could really understand and interpret it with ease. However, for intermediate or professional readers, this deck is surely a treasure to enjoy.

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  • Janelle Powers says:

    This is a very whimsical deck, featuring fairies, unicorns, hot air balloons, butterflies, and dolphins. The paintings are by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, created in the early 1990’s. The Moon Garden has a very fantastical, otherworldly feel, and the artwork is simply beautiful.

    You will find some of the symbolism from the older cards, borrowing heavily from the Waite/Smith deck, but it is presented in a very non-threatening way. It’s hard to be concerned about bad cards when they are brought to you by smiling fairies and dragonflies! The moon also features on each card in her different faces.

    I do like using this deck, especially for children, or older clients that are nervous about having a Tarot reading. Reversals are easy to read, and the cards are numbered in a traditional order.

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