Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Sun Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun tarot card meaning

Card Number: XIX the Sun Arcana (19)

The Sun Tarot Upright

A happy marriage. Accomplishment. Achievement in the arts. Engagement. Favorable relationships. A good friend. Contentment. Devotion. High spirits. Joy. Liberation. Love. Pleasure in daily existence. Pleasures derived from simple things. Satisfaction. Sincerity. Success. Unselfish sentiment. Warmth.

The Sun Tarot Reversed

Loneliness. Canceled plans. Clouded future. Possibly a broken engagement or marriage. Triumph delayed although not necessarily completely lost. Unhappiness.


Tarot Symbol

There is the Sun and one or two naked child/children. There are also sunflowers and a banner.

Tarot Story

sun tarotThe Fool woke up from his long and restless sleep and found that the wild river has come to an end. He found himself in a serene pool. There is a garden around this pool and the garden has lovely flowers such as rose and lillies. The Fool watches the Sun rise overhead and finds ot bright and golden. The Fool hears a child’s laughter and finds a little boy who rode a small white pony into the garden. With enthusiasm, the child took the Fool’s hand and pointed to all manners of things in the garden. He started asking the Fool questions like “Why is the sky blue?”. The boy also sang songs and played games with the Fool.

The Fool looked up at the sky and noted that the Sun is large and golden. The Fool found himself smiling wider and brighter than he had for a long time. Eversince the Fool had started on his spiritual journey, he found that he had been tested and tried. This is the first time he has been smiling simply because he is happy. The Fool felt that his mind was relaxed and that the child, with his simple questions had enabled the Fool to see the world and himself anew. The Fool asked the boy who he is and the child simply smiled and said “I’m You”. These words filled the Fool with warmth and energy. At this point, the Fool realized that he had just met his own inner light.


Tarot Meaning

The Sun is a positive card which promises the Querent their day in the sun. Thus is a card of intellect, clarity of mind and feelings of youthful energy. The child/children in this card can be taken literally too: a wanted and most welcome baby will be on its way. It may be a boy or twins.

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sunCard Description:

The Sun dominates the top half of this card. The bright yellow sphere has
rays extending out from it. The Sun’s face has a calm expression. The sky
behind the Sun is pale blue, with some light clouds.

Below the Sun is a grey brick wall and on top of this wall grow sun flowers,
big and tall. In front of the wall we see a small happy child riding a white
horse, bareback. The blond haired child is smiling, hands and legs extended
as if he is trying to embrace the whole world. the only item of clothing on
the child is the ring of small sunflowers on his head. In his left hand he
holds a black flag pole with a long red flag that cascades down the pole.

Sun Tarot in the upright position:

LBW:- Satisfaction, accomplishment, contentment, success, favorable
relationships, love, joy, devotion, unselfish sentiment, engagement, a happy
marriage, pleasure in daily existence, a good friend, high spirits, warmth,
sincerity, pleasure derived from simple things, achievement in the arts,

Sun in reversed position:

Reversed:- Unhappiness, loneliness, possibly broken engagement or marriage,
cancelled plans, triumph delayed although not necessarily completely lost,
clouded future.

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