Sun in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Sun in the Houses of the Natal Chart

 Sun in the Houses of the Natal Chart Sun in 1st house

Project yourself forcefully more than usual now.

Sun in 2nd house

Reflect on your values now. Reorganize them.

Sun in 3rd house

Interaction with friends and family is now highlighted with much activity.

Sun in 4th house

Personal focus. Good time to meditate.

Sun in 5th house

Express and be yourself.


Sun in 6th house

Examine yourself-“be” yourself.

Sun in 7th house

Close encounters are accented now.

Sun in 8th house

New psychological emphasis on yourself now.

Sun in 9th house

Expand your horizons now.

Sun in 10th house

Emphasize your career or duties now.

Sun in 11th house

Emphasis on friends and cooperation.

Sun in 12th house

Subconscious mind time-perform effectively.


Lady Dee

Sun in 1st House: If the sun is in the first house, it is often the case that the sun sign and Ascendant sign will be the same, making someone a ‘double Virgo’ or whatever. In this case, the whole chart will be dominated by the influence of that sign, which should be taken into consideration when judging anything else in the chart. The individual with a first house sun is likely to be energetic and assertive, competitive and self-absorbed, perhaps tending towards unwitting selfishness. This is an important placing for the health, which is usually robust.

Sun in 2nd House: With the sun in the second house, the individual expresses themselves (or would like to) through their material wealth. A tendency to show off is countered by a generosity of spirit. Living the good life is important to this person, but materialism could dominate their life to an unhealthy degree.

Sun in 3rd House: The sun in the third house is a powerful indication of intellect, although there may be mental problems if the sun is badly afflicted. Education and intellectual achievement matter to this person, and the need to communicate is also very powerful.

Sun in 4th House: With the sun in the fourth house, the individual is able to express their vitality and self-worth through the creation of a happy home and family. Parenthood is also important, as is a need for emotional security.

Sun in 5th House: The sun is very powerfully placed in the fifth house. This individual is likely to be ambitious, and very creative. Love and sex are very important, but emotional risks are often taken without due thought.

Sun in 6th House: The sun in the sixth house is an important placing for health, and should be carefully studied. Generally, an individual’s health will be quite robust, but special attention should be given to the body parts ruled by the sun sign. The individual’s attitude towards work and routine will also be expressed through the manner of the sun sign.

Sun in 7th House: With the sun in the seventh house, there is a danger that the individual feels incapable of functioning without a partner. The need to relate to a partner is extremely strong, and this person would rather be in a bad relationship than not in one at all. Self-esteem could be an issue, and independence could be a struggle. On a more positive note, this individual is usually romantic and utterly loyal to loved ones.

Sun in 8th House: The sun in the eighth house shows a great need for sexual expression, and a high sex drive. It also shows an urge for transformation and psychological growth. There is a lot of emotional intensity here, and the individual spends a lot of time on the mysteries of life.

Sun in 9th House: An individual with the sun in the ninth house is likely to want to stretch themselves intellectually, and be constantly broadening their horizons. Philosophy is a talent, but dreams do not always become a reality for this individual, unless another part of the chart shows sufficient ‘get on with it’ power to actually make things work. An eternal day-dreamer, but with a unique life philosophy.

Sun in 10th House: The sun in the tenth house shows a powerful need for status, recognition and a sense of self-worth. Choice of career is very important for this individual, as happiness or otherwise at work will be a major life factor. Personal achievements are striven for, and this person is ambitious and determined, perhaps at the expense of all else.

Sun in 11th House: With the sun in the eleventh house, it is at its most sociable. Group activities are very important to this individual, who expresses himself best in this way. However, this individual needs to be careful not to neglect those closest to him in his rush to communicate with the outside world.

Sun in 12th House: The sun in the twelfth house is crying out for some privacy and space alone. This individual is psychologically complex, and really needs to understand his or herself. There could be a lack of confidence, and certainly a liking for one’s own company, but this placing can also produce fantastically inspirational creativity and sensitivity.

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