Strength Tarot Card Meanings

Strength Tarot Card Meanings

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Card Number: VIII the strength Arcana (8)

Strength tarot upright

Demonstration of the power of love over the power of hate. Learning how to release fear. Self confidence. The ability to bring harmony to all sides. Triumph over material desire

Strength Tarot Reversed

Domination of or by the material side of life. Self Doubt. The fear of passions, whether good or bad.


Tarot Symbol

There is a woman with a lemniscate over her head. There is also a lion present.

Tarot Story

Strength tarotThe Fool feels arrogant and proud. He feels that he can win over his enemies very easily and has this hot passion in him that he can barely keep. At this point of time, he sees a maiden who is struggling with a lion. The Fool wanted to reach forward and help but sees that the maiden had gently, but firmly shut the lion’s mouth. The lion which had appeared so fierce and untamed then appears to be very gentle now.

Interested to know how the maiden managed to tame the lion, the Fool went up to the maiden. The maiden indicated that “will power” is a strong force and that any beast, no matter how strong, will back down before a superior will. The maiden looks at the Fool and tells the Fool that having impulses is not a wrong deed. However, it will be wrong to let the impulses control a person. The energy to control these impulses can make a person more superior.

Tarot meaning

The Strength tarot card is a card of courage and energy. It indicates to us that the inner strength is a more important and stronger power, as depicted by the maiden with her seemingly small outer strength but who has a strong willpower. The messages that this tarot card is trying to bring across is very similar to those of the Chariot card.

This tarot card assures the Querent that he or she can control not only the situation, but most importantly himself or herself. It is a wisely card about the importance of anger and impulse management. The most important message this tarot card tries to convey is not to give up. Have the courage to keep up with whatever you are doing till you succeed.

This is precisely the advice and comfort i need at this point of time.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    The woman is haloed with the lemniscate (also known as an analemma, Cassinian curve, and the infinity sign). In the occult sciences this elongated figure eight has several meanings: it is the point where male and female-as well as all the other polarities meet; it is the conjunct where the two parts of the Tree of Life come together and more mundanely, but perhaps more importantly, it is the path and the pattern that the Sun makes/creates on its yearly journey.

    This pattern is repeated in the chain of flowers that binds the woman to the lion. The flowers are echoed by the woman’s wreath. Do these chains of flowers signify what is know in alchemy as the Divine Law and the yoke and burden these laws represent? Or do these chains represent how bound we are to our instincts and passions?

    It is of import that this woman is looking at the lion and not out from the card as many of the figures in this deck do. She is watching the subjugation of the lion. This is a common theme in Biblical art. Subduing that which opposes or differs.

    The lion is our vehicle, our animal-based body. The nature of our body does not change although we may try repeatedly to subdue it and to quiet its desires. Thus, there can be no victory over the beast that is our body.

    The beast cannot “suggest” a way to elevate itself, only we can do that. It is up to us to nurture and maintain our bodies.

    I see this card representationally of the many ways we “self-destruct”: i.e. our habits and our eccentricities, our seemingly inexhaustible methods of self-annihilation.

    We are in a perpetual state of ignorance about our body and the connection between or minds, our brains and our bodies, to say nothing of our connection to our environment. Would we be overwhelmed if we could understand how the connections function and how it is that we dwell in an animal body?

    Is the life force not to be understood? If not how then can we ever hope to reconnect to the ancient and the intuitive to KNOW who we are and how we occupy our space.

    Bodily it is relatively easy to become convinced we are ill, depressed, misused, etc. A suggestion made to the body is often a command to it.

    Life is full of distractions. It is effortless to stay as we are, where we are, and how we are. It is a life fraught with daemons to overcome the distractions and take the full and complete responsibility for self, body and mind. Combining the masculine of the lion and the feminine of the woman is risky as well.

    Be well armed and girded before wishing for an understanding. You may get what you wished for and live to regret the folly of it.

    The yellow sky? Mercury the element of Leo. Leo=fire, the fire of the life force.

  • Heidi Post says:

    In the foreground of this card there is a maiden and a lion. The maiden
    has a leminscate above her head. She has a wreath with small red flowers
    encircling her head. Her blonde hair is tied back. She is wearing a
    flowing white dress with long sleeves. There is a leafy vine with red
    roses around her waist, the end hangs down past her knees. The maiden is
    partially bent over, her hands are on the muzzle of the lion. His mane
    is thick, his tail is between his legs. The lion’s tongue is poking out
    of his mouth, it looks as though he is licking the maiden’s right wrist.
    The maiden’s right hand is under the lion’s chin, her left is on the
    lion’s nose. She is gently closing his mouth. The maiden is looking
    tenderly at the lion, while he, in turn, has his head raised to look
    upon the maiden.

    The lion and maiden are standing on green grass, there are trees in the
    distance and a blue mountain far off on the horizon.

    LBW:- Strength, courage, conviction, energy, resolution, defiance,
    action, confidence, zeal, matter over mind, accomplishment.
    Reversed:- Weakness, pettiness, impotence, sickness, lack of faith,
    abuse of power, succumbing to temptation, indifference.

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