What is Stichomancy ? and how you do it

Stichomancy means literally, divination from lines. It is a method of divination in which the seeker opens a random book to a random page. The seeker then chooses a random passage on the page, usually by pointing with eyes closed, in order to receive a message from the spirit world. This method of divination has been popular for over 3,000 years. This is often done with a Bible or other Holy Book, otherwise known as Bibliomancy.

The common problem with this method is it often leaves the seeker wondering what on earth was meant by a passage that did not seem to apply to their personal situation. There is a way to solve this problem while performing stichomancy, so that you can get a much more specific and thought provoking reading. I have used this technique to get channeled messages from the deceased.

Simply choose an object such as a small stone, coin or key, preferably no larger than about the size of a nickel. It is best if the object is flat,or somewhat flat, so that it does not roll. (Note: Always prepare well for this activity by praying, meditating and shielding, especially if you are seeking an after-death communication.) Get a pen and paper ready to take dictation.

Begin flipping through the book of your choice. As in regular stichomancy, randomly choose a page. Only do not point. Close your eyes and hold your object above the chosen page. Then, drop the object onto the page. Sometimes you may need to hold the pages down to keep your object from sliding off the book entirely. Do NOT look at where you are dropping your object until it has landed firmly on the page.

Now, look at the page and see what word is directly above your object without being covered. If a word is more than half covered by your object, don’t use it. Go to the word above that one. Now, write it down. If your object seems to point at more than one word, write them all down. If you feel you should drop your object on a page more than once before flipping again, do it. Keep flipping through the book and dropping your object until Spirit tells you to stop.

Once you are ready to stop, you can go through your message and place punctuation where it seems appropriate. If you feel compelled to take out extra words such as “the” and “for,” to get a clearer message, feel free to do that. It’s a little more work than regular stichomancy, but I think you’ll be surprised at the results!

Article by Avalon De Witt. Visit http://www.psychicavalon.com

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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