Star Tarot Card Meanings

Star Tarot Card Meanings

The Star Tarot Meaning

Card Number: XVII the Star Arcana (17)

The Star Upright

Bright prospects, Faith, Insight, love and expression, Mixing of the past and present, Optimism, Astrological influence, Fulfillment, Good omen, hope and effort, Hope, Inspiration, Pleasure, Spiritual love, The proper balance of desire and work

The Star Reversed

Bad luck, Disappointment, Imbalance, Bull-headedness, Conclusion of an unsatisfactory business experience or social friendship, Lack of opportunity, Pessimism, Stubbornness, Unfulfilled hopes

Tarot Symbol

There are about seven or eight stars, with a kneeling woman, a pool of water and two urns.

Tarot Story

star tarot The Fool feels empty and in a despair, watching the bleak landscape where the Tower used to be. He feels like he has lost everything and even himself. It is at this point when he notice a beautiful girl with two water urns near him. The girl empties one urn into the pool and the other onto the ground.

The Fool feels curious over this and goes over to the girl to enquire what she is doing. The girl indicated that her actions serve to refill the pool for the thirsty individuals to drink and watering of the earth enables the seeds to grow in Spring. The girl also offered a drink to the Fool and the Fool feels that the water tastes wonderful. The girl commented that she knows the Fool feels very sad. However, she also advises the Fool that he still has hope and knowledge and that these are the qualities which will lead him to a new Future. With this, the girl seems to vanish into the air and rises up like a shining star. The starlight guides the Fool along and he continues with his journey of spiritual exploration.

Tarot meaning

The Star is a card which looks to the future. It does not predict any powerful change but instead, predicts hope and healing. It suggests clarity of vision and that unexpected help is on its way.

Hence, think of the Star as a card with hope. Remember, not all hope is lost. When this card is drawn, it serves as reminder that hops still exists and you are well on your way to a brighter future.

I guess the tarot card “Star” is one of the most loved card out of the tarot deck. Stars are simply beautiful, aren’t they? :). It also suggests peace and harmony. There is basically nothing negative about this tarot card. However, do note that there is a trick to it. Please remember that whatever hope or future the Star tarot card seems to suggest, they are not immediate. This is a card which suggests unexpected help.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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The Star tarot card is the seventeenth card in the tarot deck.

Card Description:

In the top center of the card is a large 8 pointed yellow star, hanging in
the dark night sky. There are 6 smaller 8 pointed white stars forming a
semi-circle around the main star. Another small star is on the left of the
card, below the semi-circle.

A naked woman is under the yellow star. She has long blond hair. She is
kneeling, on one knee on green grass. In front of her is a blue pool. The
woman is bent at the waist. Her left knee is on the grass, her right leg is
extended before her, bent at the knee, and her right foot appears to be
resting on the surface of the water. We see the left side of her face,
staring down. In her right hand she holds an orange pitcher and is pouring
water into the pool, forming circles on the surface of the water. Her left
arm is extended behind her. Her left hand holds another orange water pitcher
and she is pouring water from this one onto the grass. The water forms small
rivers that run in various directions. One of them runs to the left, into
the pool.

Green grass covers the ground, small pink flowers are growing scattered. In
the background, on the right of the card, behind the woman, is a tree. An
out of proportion brown bird sits on the top. He is nearly as large as the
tree. In the distance, to the left, is a shallow purple mountain range.

Star Card in the upright position:

LWB:- Hope, faith, inspiration, bright prospects, mixing of the past and
present, optimism, insight, good omen, spiritual love, astrological
influence, fulfilment, pleasure. The proper balance of desire and work, hope
and effort, love and expression.

Star Tarot in the reversed position:

Reversed:- Unfulfilled hopes, disappointment, pessimism, bad luck, lack of
opportunity, stubbornness, bull headedness, imbalance, conclusion of an
unsatisfactory business experience or social friendship.


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