Should you allow other people to touch your tarot cards?

Should you allow other people to touch your tarot cards?

Your cards and other people

Should you allow other people to touch your cards?

Tough question, that usually raises flames and passions. There are obviously two camps: those who think that “yes”, and those that think that “no”.

Those that think that “no”, are people that usually don’t want anybody to approach their card whatever be the circumstances. Although I find it a bit extremist, their argument holds: cards are very personal and allowing people to touch them would “profane” them, mess up all there energetic and magnetic relation they’ve been building with them.

On the other side, those that think “yes” are not a homogeneous group: while some will only allow the querent to cut the deck, others will allow shuffling and cutting, and this only in a consultation context. The argument is that for the reading to be accurate, the querent has to touch the cards at some point to input some of his or her energy. Some won’t mind people to browse through their decks out of curiosity, while others only allow other tarot readers, or close friends to touch their decks. In those cases, the deck owner is conscious of the risk of energy mix, but as the people allowed are usually reliable people, there is no problem. If not sure, some cleansing or clearing rituals can help purify the deck after manipulations.

However, I don’t know of anybody that would allow another person to read with his or her deck. Most tarot readers consider their cards as being a sacred tool, and thus are pretty exclusive about it.

Those allowing shuffling and/or cutting in a consultation are an overwhelming majority, which brings up wonders concerning the accuracy of readings performed without the querent touching the cards. From what I know, this is not a problem. Some of my friends do read this way with excellent results. I myself perform readings through mail and e-mail that so far have only given very accurate results.

A second issue brought about in the thread of touch/not touch, is the issue of second-hand decks. Are decks that have already been used less efficient than new ones?

Some people are dead against them, but imagine for a second that your dear grandaunt or your best friend, who have been reading cards all their life suddenly dies (Lord forbid!), and in their testament, they give you their tarot deck. Can you say that you cannot read with those cards? Of course, you had a close relation with them and their death left you knocked out. You can argue that this deck will always trigger in you sadness and nostalgia because of the way you acquired it. You could also consider that this deck as a reminder of that person and of all the good memories, feelings and moments you had together. It can be that you will feel honoured by such a present, and for the sake of that person, you might want to start using their cards. It can also be that you feel like the spirit of your friend will inspire and guide you in the readings performed with their decks.

In this case the fact of the deck being second-hand is not really a problem. Therefore, we cannot automatically say that already-used cards are not good, but rather that it will depend on the context and on you.

However, to avoid many of the problems related to the issue of strangers touching your cards, a solution can be to have more than one deck. One deck for “public use”, that you will use either professionally if case be, or to read for your friends, parents…etc, and another deck just for yourself.


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