Should Psychic Readers Be Paid?

Should Psychic Readers Be Paid?

The nature of psychic development has become a popular topic on websites and in newspapers around the world. Most websites that provide a free horoscope, such as MSN, Yahoo, Google, and the NY Post also offer paid psychic readings. There is some controversy behind financial intentions and spiritual advice, even in formal religious institutions like churches. However, the topic of psychics receiving money for their services is still an enigma to many.

On a simplistic level, almost any service, spiritual or otherwise, is rewarded with some kind of monetary token. Some societies in India, Brazil, and Australia still use forms of a barter economy, which exchanges materials for services. It is safe to assume that there is some competition in any service-oriented work, and price is one determining factor for choosing a psychic practitioner.

This concept is similar to the ‘shamans’ of Native American Indians, who used to drive out evil or help people become well. Essentially, he was a tribal doctor. Just as there is a high price for healing in modern medicine, healers have enjoyed reputable positions in society since primitive times. All of this indicates that psychic healers, too, fall into a category of spiritual leaders and healers.

In today’s society, priests and physicians command high remunerations. In the same way, psychic healers also deserve a fair wage for their special skills. Although psychic readings may not be in mainstream society, there are many people who use online psychic services, from tarot readings to health and wealth projections.

There is no single way to become a psychic healer. Keeping this in mind, it might take ingenuity and skill to learn about a process that has to come naturally from within. This makes a psychic’s learning more intense, spiritual, and experience-based. One would think that this unique type of intuitive learning demands skills that are high in demand.

While in some cases it might be wise not to take money, such as charity and publicity events, a psychic healer has the right to charge for his or her knowledge, experience, and skill sets. For instance, some online sources suggest that a psychic can earn as much as $700 for doing a TV show. At the same time, one half hour session might range from $50 to $100 for an established psychic. For a psychic healer with regular clients, the financial opportunities are virtually limitless. A satisfied customer can offer up to four times as much as what the psychic would normally charge.

More importantly, healing is an integral aspect of living full lives. In the wake of discovering alternative medicines such as Ayurveda from India and Acupuncture from China, psychic healing may also be considered an alternative therapy for wellness. As more and more people turn to non-traditional forms of healing, psychic practitioners are bound to have a greater impact on modern society.

The need for such types of healing also correlates with the high degree of distress and anxiety prevalent in today’s lifestyle. Though some may turn to extreme forms of spiritual worship to escape the stress of modern living, it is also likely that psychics will become more and more accepted as healing professionals.


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