Saturn in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Saturn in the Houses of the Natal Chart

saturn in the houses of the natal chart

Saturn in the 1st house

Now you can “learn” internal growth. Your 14 year period since this planet has been in this house you were involved with others mainly about interaction. The more you can understand yourself and try to improve the better this transit will be for you.

Saturn in  the 2nd house

Sometimes this can mean material loss or poverty. But for people who are already successful it could mean maybe a temporary set-back. However realize what your “real” needs may be and not just your material ones.

Saturn in the 3rd house

Understand now your inner world and work on it. This is the transit where change might not do you much don’t be hasty and feel you have to do so. You may regret it. If it is absolutely necessary than you must..but the results might disappoint you.

Saturn in  the 4th house

Emphasis on domestic life now. A good time for psychotherapy. It is not your physical home we are talking about…but whether or not your are “at home” in your mind.

Saturn in the 5th house

Self expression is accented now. Don’t take risks! This is a bad time to take chances since this is the house of chance, gambling and speculation including other things.

Saturn in the 6th house

Time of hard work and responsibility. Don’t waste energy under this transit or you will end up just “twisting in the wind”.

Saturn in the  7th house

This could cause problems in a relationship or in a partnership. You may have to take on a lot of responsibility that you do not wish to. You may be irritable or grouchy more than usual and find it hard to keep a relationship or to get along with people you may feel are holding you down. Just do the best you can during this time as it will pass.

Saturn in the 8th house

Now you need to come to terms with other peoples values. This is the house of legacies. If you are waiting for someone to leave you money it could be very hard on you at this time. Do not anticipate great things now. Saturn is like a giant weight that holds you down at times.

Saturn in the 9th house

You may have to deal with legal matters now. Or you may experience a long trip for educational purposes. Whatever happens now is going to teach you what you need to know about the things that pertain to this house. (See the entry page for house information).

Saturn in the10th house

This may not be a good time for your career. You may feel like you want to change jobs…or get free from the burdens of the routine regarding work. Doldrums prevail here. Just use this time to gain experience and get thru it. If you have prepared yourself well for your career ahead of this time , you should not have any problem overcoming these problems.

Saturn in  the11th house

This may be a time when your hopes, wishes and aspirations are dampened now. You may feel like your friends are out of contact..or you may have to learn the right way to treat your friends by experiences lived during this time. Just don’t go around and feel sorry for yourself now. It won’t do any good.

Saturn in the 12th house

This final entry to the 12th house is just what you need to finish up all the experiences that you have learned in the past 14 years or so. Now next time Saturn moves around into the same house again..if you did things correctly they will not be anywhere near as bad as they have been! You have grown into a new awareness and learned many lessons about life.


Lady Dee
Saturn in 1st House: Here a great deal depends on how close Saturn is to the Ascendant. If conjunct the Ascendant (within 8 degrees) then this will be the dominant factor in the chart and extremely important. In any event, Saturn in the first house has the overall effect of inhibiting the personality, often causing shyness and a lack of self-confidence. A natural caution and a great deal of common sense are blessings, however. A pessimistic outlook can stem from an feeling of an inability to cope with everyday life, or to get problems out of all perspective. A strong sense of duty and a conservative outlook are also here, together with a slowing of the metabolism and a lack of vitality, but much of this can be countered by other, more positive points within the chart, especially helpful aspects to Saturn.

Saturn in 2nd House: Saturn here indicates that this person will work very hard for every penny they earn. That is not to say that he or she won’t make a lot of money, but that what money they do make will be very much thanks to their own effort as opposed to luck, inheritances etc. Safe investments are the order of the day. Sensual pleasures are enjoyed as much as the next man, but may be harder to come by.

Saturn in 3rd House: Here there is a tendency to blame weaknesses or failure on the lack of or the standard of education. This may or may not be the case, but is usually the excuse. This is the house of the mind, so the individual with this placing is sensible and practical, with the ability to make long-term plans. If there is a genuine lack in the education, it is wise to encourage further study to fill it, which will be an idea enthusiastically met by the subject.

Saturn in 4th House: This is the house of the family, and here we find that Saturn does have a rather restrictive influence, with this person being perhaps a stickler for discipline and placing an over-emphasis on achievement of family members. At its best, this placing encourages a stable, enduring family background. At its worst, it could indicate a cold, unemotional household.

Saturn in 5th House: The attitude to love affairs is deadly serious with this placing. Despite a powerful need for relationships, the desire to do the right thing leads to a fear of commitment until eventually the right person is found. Creative talent is often present, but will be slow to develop, and may not develop at all without a lot of encouragement, as this person usually has little faith in their own abilities.

Saturn in 6th House: While there is an ability to work very hard here, an obsessive adherence to routine is also present, together with a tendency to grumble constantly about one’s lot in life. The daily job being done may be very far from what the individual would actually like to do, leading to restlessness and dissatisfaction. A reluctance to change is also here, the feeling being that better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. This is the house of health, so Saturn’s placement here indicates potential weakspots in the bones and teeth, with rheumatism or arthritis being of especial concern.

Saturn in 7th House: At its best, this placing encourages a serious, responsible attitude towards relationships. This subject won’t rush into marriage or long-term partnerships, but once in them will be faithful, loyal, devoted and committed. If Saturn is in opposition to the Ascendant, then partnerships may not be formed at all – although the subject may grumble about being alone, they do not really want the responsibility that a relationship brings. Often here there are considerable differences in age between the subject and their chosen partner who can be considerably older (or, less often, younger). At its worst, placing can inhibit communication between partners, although this will be alleviated by other chart positions.

Saturn in 8th House: Determination and good powers of concentration are increased with this placing. This is an excellent placing for anyone who routinely has responsibility for other people’s money, such as anyone in the finance world, solicitors, estate agents, bankers etc, as it endows the subject with a great deal of common sense and a healthy respect for the assets of others. Sexual repression can be an issue, with inhibition or guilt often present.

Saturn in 9th House: Here is an ability to think deeply and seriously about important issues. Considerable desire is here to improve the subject’s mind, with study courses undertaken and much reading and learning. Challenges are approached with extreme caution, and the prospect of physical travel can unleash all kinds of fears, often a fear of flying. Psychologically, there is often a general fear of ‘taking off’, so Saturn here again can cause inhibition and apprehension. There can also be something of an inferiority complex when this person mixes with people who he rightly or wrongly believes to be intellectually or educationally superior to him.

Saturn in 10th House: Saturn is in its own house here, so its influence is very much strengthened. This individual may have to shoulder much responsibility as a result of circumstances – this will be well carried, however, and will not stand in the way of high ambitions and aspirations. This person has the ability to work persistently and with much determination in a career, and often gets to the top through guts and sheer hard work.

Saturn in 11th House: Saturn is well placed here because it has a good relationship with Aquarius. However the subject may be socially shy,and have few close friends. Often friends are considerably older than the subject themselves,which is of course especially noticeable in younger people. Social hours are enjoyed, but there is little time for anything deemed flippant – this person takes their leisure hours very seriously. Interests last a lifetime. A powerful humanitarian streak is very evident, and this person will do whatever they can – although through conventional and lawful measures – to right the wrongs they see in the world.

Saturn in 12th House: At its most potent, this influences makes the subject rather reclusive and isolated by their own choice. Sometimes this person only feels safe within his or her own little world. People with this placing need to learn to enjoy quiet pastimes – music, reading, crafts – in order to give their excess nervous energy a positive outlet. Home will be seen as a restorative place and a place of warmth and safety. Contemplative disciplines such as yoga or meditation can be of enormous benefit in helping this person to overcome shyness and lack of confidence, but too much introspection is not to be encouraged.

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  • Jose says:

    Saturn through the third was around 20 years ago I enjoyed it.

    It really was a hectic time. The month after I returned from a six months overseas deployment, Saturn entered the third house. While I was deployed my now-ex bought me a Mazda Rx7. Prior to this, we shared/commuted together in the same vehicle. No longer having to share was freedom (not how we really see Saturn, eh?).

    It seemed this purchase was in preparation for a lot of commuting going forward. I headed back to school having left school when Saturn entered the 2nd to join the military. So during Saturn’s trip through the third, I commuted to work, commuted to school, commuted alone, commuted with others. Also, now I am dating myself, but, I started using the internet at work for the first time

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