Saturn conjunct Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto

The video that were looking at today is about Saturn conjunct Pluto. The author in the video goes into great detail about the meaning of this aspect and how it affects you. Comment in the comment section below and give us your take on exactly what this means to you, or how it's affected you in your lifetime.

  • Lumar says:

    I was born in the Saturn Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, Pluto Scorpio group, and right now Transiting Pluto is on this triple conjunction. This next year transiting Saturn will conjunct my/our Pluto too. This aspect of will go both ways. Specifically the T-Saturn conjunct Pluto, and T-Pluto conjunct Saturn aspects. I was wondering what some of you may think of this and how it will effect myself or those of my age.

  • Stacy says:

    Well I think that is a difficult conjuction if you look at in term of today and the current generation. My peeve about it is the young people grow up today,and think the changes that have been going on , the world your generation grew up i s like normal …In my opinion it isn’t. Its the product of alot of changes, some not so good in my opinion. The best thing you can understand here is a sense of History, understand “change” and how it has affected your life, and the lives of people around you. That way you can plan whats best for the future.

    I guess the Pluto transit might indicate permanant ,even fated changes going on in your life. I had the Saturn transit to plu not to long back, not an uncommon transit but Pluto transiting a natal Saturn is uncommon. During my transit ..on the day it was precise, it was the day I was re-established into a new job. This company brought out my old employers….I had a choice to opt-in…the deadline was pratically on the day that TSaturn conjunct natal Pluto…if i remember correctly.

  • Lars Odom says:

    I would say absolutely notice what house it is in, because things ruled by that house will definitely be affected. It’s hard to say what will happen though, because both Saturn and Pluto are such “big” planets so their effects can be far-reaching or more generational in nature, but for me that combo was quite personal and very strong! I just went through Saturn conj. natal Pluto three times – sometime late fall 2011, then end of April this year, and again near late summer this year in my 6th. It’s hard for me to tell you the effect because for me, it was a huge surprise. The second hit destroyed a little part-time job I had been doing periodically. I have to travel really far to get to it, and during the second hit I came down with a severe kidney infection and a wealth of other symptoms, including severe pain. I drove 1200 miles before symptoms became severe and had to drive 1200 back home while horribly ill.

    I spent all summer with the other symptoms after the infection cleared up. So many doctors and tests, so much money, never a single diagnosis. Once Saturn finished it’s last exact conj. with Pluto in my 6th, the symptoms cleared up! I haven’t made the effort to still get checked to see if a diagnosis could be made, but what the outcomes actually were:

    Firing my doctor! I never took an active role before in finding one who would actually work with me, now I have.
    An entirely different view on my health. I took it for granted, never being terribly sick in the past. I now realize how precious and delicate health is.
    Debt that while manageable, is upsetting, though I realize it was necessary to deal with this “damage” as a part of a huge transformation.

    So, I guess look at anything you might be taking for granted or that you have been neglecting to really focus on, related to the house the conjunction is occurring. This aspect seems like a wakeup call and will make you get rid of the things not working.

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