Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Meaning and Experiences

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Meaning and Experiences

I'm interested in any experiences people might have had with the Saturn Conjunct Midheaven transit. I've got one about to happen - and I'm told it involves recognition and success?!

For me it happened in late 1975. My memory's a little foggy. I was only 3 years old then, but I remember something very important happening. I got an important job, a new status or "role" in the world: big sister!

Saturn has a 29 year cycle. As he transits the 12 houses, he shifts the focus of "where the work is." It's transit of the emotional houses, 4, 8, and 12 tend to be difficult for that reason. It is much more comfortable in the terra firma of the "earthy" houses, 2, 6 and 10. Saturn especially loves being in 10, his "home turf," because it is the planet of hard work, achievement, discipline, and the 10th house is the public sphere. It loves recognition, and the 10th is the house of your status, your role in the world, your public side.

So, folks... it's more fun if we all share our experiences. What happened in your life when it crossed your MC? If you need help determining when, post the degree and sign of your Midheaven here and I will let you know the year.


My Natal (& Progessing) Sun is on my Midheaven & been keeping pace as both progress over time.

This could make me either the best or worst for comment here.

When it is on your natal sun sign creates demands for those 2+ years it transits. You commit to long term responsibilities too I think (I bought a house). I can't say it was wonderful or awful, career-wise, it was drop-dead boring as Saturn tends to slow thing up and restrict you a bit. I did learn a few new tricks however, which added a new twist to my career path.

It is about to land on my natal moon (and life ruler) in the 'nth degree of my 12th house for the next year, and, as Lance points out on his new long term tape, trine Uranus and trine my natal Neptune. Oh, this is going to be way weird..... I'm already tasing it, and can only guess where it's going to take me. I'll let you know when the rides over.....if I make it.


I had it at exactly the same time as my first Jupiter return in early 1990. I think this was the point where a lot of me stopped being a child and everything clicked into place.

I went to a very strict Junior school and this was the time when I went to a regular secondary school and had already learnt everything they were teaching in the lessons ! Before I was struggling to keep up and now all of a sudden I was seen as very bright. Also my mother and father had divorced and I took on a lot of responsibilty for my younger brother. I also went abroad for the first time that summer. So yeah, loads


I have no idea specifically how long, maybe a few months?

My experience so far has been...well, I've been forced to seriously evaluate where I was heading in life. Basically, I've been forced to start all over again with my degree, and into the courses I had intended to do in the first place. It has been a difficult progress on the whole (Sat opp Neptune =| ) but it was a necessary kick in the ass.

As for it  and recognition - I'm not sure that it actually brings recognition. I'm more in favour of seeing it as laying down the foundations and eventually (since Saturn can be restricting) gaining recognition and success through sheer hard work.


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