Blessed Runes

Runes! What are they? Why do people consult them for guidance in their daily lives?

Well, runes are actually a very old way of “connecting” to the Powers of the Universe, and to the Inner Self that might resonate to the spiritual side of Life. They are an ancient alphabet once used by Vikings, Germanic tribes, Celtic warriors, and wise men of Anglo-Saxon England in the Middle Ages. They are used as an Oracle by many today to gain insight and understanding of Self and the Holy Presence of God and Goddess.

Runes, tarot cards, crystal balls, and the like, are all tools to help a person step out of their problems and worries, and try to gain guidance from the outside powers that may influence their lives. They are consulted with questions about every day issues, future prospects, and unknown factors that come into play in all of our lives. They can be understood as deeply, or as significantly, as one desires. It all depends on how willing a person is to open their heart in order to hear the message coming to them.

The use of the Runes is actually fairly simple, and similar to doing a Tarot card reading. You “cast or throw” the runes, and depending on whatever “spread” you are using, you read one or more of the runes in answer to your query. Each rune is a symbol that holds special meaning and power, and the interpretation of these symbols is what gives the answer to the query at the moment. You can do a daily casting, or just when you feel inclined to consult the Oracle for Higher guidance in a given situation.

Runes are used by Wiccans, Pagans, and people who are into the Metaphysical as tools. These tools help them to maintain a relationship with the Higher Self, God, Goddess, Supreme Power of the Universe. They can be magickal or practical tools, depending on the need of the individual.

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