Rune Reading

Rune Reading

Runes refer to the ancient form of Germanic alphabet that is used to the purpose of writing, magical acts and spirituality. During 100BCE to 1600CE, these runes were popularly used in Scandinavia, Iceland and British Isles. Runes are the oracles from which one may seek spiritual advices.

The Technique

Rune casting is different from fortunetelling. Rune casting is done at a subconscious level. The rune container along with its runic symbols represents the entire universe. When a seeker comes up with a particular question, his conscious and unconscious mind gets fully focused over the question. Therefore, it is believed that the rune lots chosen are not a random decision, but the wisdom triggered directly from the subconscious mind.

During a rune reading, a particular issue is typically addressed, by analyzing the past, the present and the consequence. The future is considered as the mutable entity and dynamic by nature. As told earlier, rune casting is different from fortunetelling in the sense that rune casting is done as a part of evaluation process. Rune casters do not ‘see future’, rather they evaluate the past and the present and to come into conclusion about the direction an individual is directed.

How to Do Rune  Reading

If you want to perform rune casting by yourself, here are few tips for you. First of all, you need to find out a peaceful and quiet place. Better if you can face towards North direction, as this is the direction of the God as described in the Norse Mythology. Next you should place a white cloth on the floor in front of you. This cloth will set the boundary for the runes you are going to use in your rune casting procedure.

Now, design a question carefully. Do not do it in rush; rather take time to design an effective question. Make it sure that you don’t need to change the question in the middle of the reading. After you become assured about your question, now you start mixing the rune inside the runic bag. Mix till you get an inner motivation to pull up rune lots.

You need to stir unless you get the correct rune in front of you. You must keep the track that is followed during the pulling-up process. As you know runes are oracles, so it is quite obvious, that these are difficult to understand. Each rune can have different interpretations. It is up to the rune caster (here you) who decides how far he wants to go with the interpretation. If he wants, he can go to a deeper level of interpretations as well. It is important to fix to the perceivable interpretation, however, one must gain the understanding to expand the interpretation through meditation and insight.