Rob Brezney : free will astrology

Rob Brezney : free will astrology

Rob Brezny

He needs no introduction. An American born astrologer, writer, poet and musician has redefined the way to write horoscopes. He has successfully changed the horoscope writing style from dry, banal to a more creative and narrative driven. Rob  is in first person that always has that personal touch of the writer. His columns are published every week on internet sites as well as on various other mediums like magazines and other publications. He has written books as well. He has also had his music career, where he has been a part of a band as well as released his solo album. He has also spent time serving society for noble causes. To be impressed from Rob’s related work, one has to check out his site. His horoscopes are distinguished not only in terms of writing style but also the creative images associated with each zodiac sign. The site stores the archives of previous archives. All his predictions on his website are printer friendly. His onsite horoscopes are weekly horoscopes.

Rob Brezny horoscope writings reflect the fact that he is not only well read but has read on a wide variety of subjects and topics. A quick glance through his horoscope readings will validate that. His writings have impressions from subjects as varied as philosophy, psychology, anthropology, history, literature, and mythology. But irrespective of the subject, there is an omnipresent element of subtle humor in that rob puts in his horoscopes. For instance, if for a given zodiac sign he wants to preach staying away from superstitions then he will begin by urging them to pick whacky superstitions as their belief and even would quote a few famous people’s whacky superstitions to prove his point but towards the end he would clarify his pun and would ask them not to be superstitious.

Readers of his can subscribe to streaming audio readings which are three or four minutes in length. They may also view it online but not free on his website. Readers also have an option of having daily text horoscopes delivered on their cell phones. Since lot of thought, creativity and hard work goes into his horoscope writings, they are not free. There are multiple ways to pay for his horoscope services. One can buy audio web token using their credit card or can listen to a phone number whose bill will be charged to the phone bill or they can also subscribe on a monthly basis for the text messages on their cell.

Brezny’s horoscopes often have something that the reader can consider as very thought provoking and pertinent them. Those questions most of the times come either at end of the horoscope details or as a query in the sacred advertisement section. For instance, for one zodiac for which he wants people to introspect – he begins with an anecdote and then puts the question out in open if any aspect of genius within that people have not brought forward yet. If they have not then what could be done to bring that talent out?


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