Reading Tarot Cards - The Basics

Reading Tarot Cards – The Basics

Anyone can learn about reading tarot cards. Each card holds a very powerful meaning. The card itself is an art form and reading it requires talent and skills. These skills can be taught and talent can be honed. If you want to learn how to read tarot cards, then dedicate your time to learning the art. It’s easy once you master the basics of reading the different tarot cards.

There are three basic steps included in reading tarot cards. First you have to form a very significant question, one you or your client wish to have answered. You should then shuffle the tarot cards. When you’re done shuffling the cards, the second step requires you to lay out the cards in a specific layout called a “spread”. The third and last step would then require you to interpret the story the cards reveal to you.

Now, it’s important to look at each step carefully. When you formulate a question, it should be one that the universe can answer. Do not formulate questions haphazardly. Much thought has to be given to the question as if you hold it dear or important to you. Next is to consider the importance of shuffling the cards. Shuffling the cards determines what cards will be drawn and what answer will be given to you.

There are different ways to get a reading: online, telephone, or personally by yourself. When you have an online reading done, the cards will be shuffled by a computer, this makes it impersonal and your answer will only be from the aspect of the universe unless it is a live chatroom with a real psychic. When have a telephone reading done, where a tarot reader will shuffle the cards for you. Along with the power of the universe, the reader’s spirit will also take part in the interpretation of the card’s story.

In reading the tarot cards, you will encounter laying the cards out in a spread. There are different types of spreads you can possibly lay your cards after. In order to know what type of spread to follow, you have to know what type of question you’re asking. One type of question may respond more accurately with one spread than with another spread.

Lastly, is to consider the two meanings of the cards you have drawn. A  card can be read in two ways, its surface meaning and its intuitive meaning. All these are all you need to know the basics of tarot card reading. Reading tarot cards can be interesting and complex but they can be easy if you let it.

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