Quiz: What type of loving personality do you have?

1. What types of activities do you often participate in?
a) High risk activities, lots of drugs, alcohol, obsessive thoughts
b) Being helpful and social
c) Clubbing, parties, dancing
d) Volunteer work and spending time with family

2. What type of person do you like to spend time with?
a) Don’t really care
b) Sweet and thoughtful people
c) Fun people are best
d) I like a person who listens well

3. How many friends do you have whom you would consider close?
a) None
b) Four or more
c) One to three
d) A few close friends but I know lots of people I talk to regularly

4. How would you describe yourself?
a) Upset, sad
b) Friendly and approachable
c) Passionate and assertive
d) Quiet, but I can get my point across

5. Are you a busy person?
a) Not really
b) Really busy
c) Yes, but I can always do more
d) You say “busy,” I say “Organized”

Scoring: Count up how many of each (a, b, c and d) you have.

If you had mostly “a” answers you are: A fairly reclusive person – you may have experienced a bad relationship and so you are leery of committing again.

If you had mostly “b” answers you are: A friendly and outgoing person – you have a good time meeting people, because of your natural charm. You are easy to talk to.

If you had mostly “c” answers you are: A highly active and sexual person – love and passion are very important to you, and you are not afraid to put yourself “out there” and try new things with new people.

If you had mostly “d” answers you are: An organized person who has good people skills – you know what you want, and you will go after it with grace and style.

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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