1. I’ve been attacked by a psychic vampire…… I feel like I’m dying. (I know I’m not) I know who it is and I’ve taken the steps to avoid them…but I’ve got an hour left of work…..and I’m absolutely miserable… Can anyone please send me some light? Very much needed…. Thank you….

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      You have the power to put up an energy shield. No one has the right to attatch themselves to you with out your permission.Just believe in yourself. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit. Negativity loves company and the person that you are avoiding is just looking for someone to drag down with them. Also never forget that people will always treat you how you let them treat you. you will learn you cannot help everyone some are evil inside bad intentions needy of anothers energy constantly demanding attention or help with something insignificant but all they are doing is feeding off your energy

  2. Narcissist feel by the way.. it’s just a thick ego mask. they are like this because they feel unworthy at their core. A psychic vamp can be anyone and most of us have been one at some point in our lives. We are often victims to some and become vamps to others. Most don’t realize it either. they are draining our energy but we also let them without realizing it. All energy vamps and their victims are actually at matching vibrational frequencies and they both gain from the energy stealing. their motives are the same too, both parties feel not worthy, not lovable and not enough at their very core. One takes the role of victim and start to find that worthiness/ love and such through pity from others because they don’t think they can fulfill this on their own through self love and the vamp tries to steal the worthiness/ love from others because they don’t think they can have that on their own either. It’s like a toxic energy emotional tango! If you don’t like being one or the “victim” of one, raise your frequency and you won’t be a match to one. They are low frequency ppl. Both parties have cut the flow of life force energy from source/ the higher self so they need others to fill in their needs. the flow of life force energy gets cut off when ppl fall into low frequencies due to emotions and thought patterns. There is so much info out there about raising your frequency.. worth a good research for most.

  3. A person who. naturally, from birth, takes in emotional energy and either uses it to help digest food (and can’t digest food without it) or to help run one or another psychic ability that they have. Some just seem to be depressed when they need to ‘eat’, and they affect the positivity of those nearby who seem to have an over-abundance of happy energy. The vamp becomes fuller and happier, and the other person comes down, perhaps not all the way to depression, but not really happy any more. Others provoke arguments, and when those they are focused on get angry and express that anger, the vamp takes it in and becomes satisfied. Often psy vamps who know what they are and know how to control themselves find someone who consistently over-produces the energy the psy vamp needs, and they have a relationship. Sometimes that relationship is co-dependent, but it need not be

  4. Nanon Telles says:

    There were people who would just drain me dry, and wouldn’t leave for hours and hours. I got tired of having a head ache after they left, and so one day I told them off and to get help for their depression, but to leave me alone. I learned to give these kind of people a wide girth. Empaths in particular can be too nice, and not take care of yourself first.

  5. Rozanna S. says:

    Theres the fantasy version which I always found to be a fantastic enemy to throw at my unsuspecting party, then there is the real life equivalent which dear god I hate. The term ‘psychic energy’ refers generally to your mental willpower, but not only that, in life we also carry an energy inside of us, it helps us get through our every day lives. It allows us to feel joy, to feel anger, to feel anything at all. It gives us strength in dark times, and light to those who need it. A psychic vampire is that soul sucking leech you spend every day of your life trying everything in your power to make happy, but refuses to be happy, could be for any infinite number of reasons trust me they will invent reasons. They will trap you out of guilt, or superstition, or any infinite number of other reasons, trust me they will invent those too. They will drain you of happiness, of your mental will power, of your energy until your nothing left by a lifeless shell of a human being, willing to go to any lengths to remove the parasite from your life. If you find someone who is obsessively negative, plays the devil’s advocate, has to be the leader, yet play the victim, wants nothing more than you to be in their life, congrats you found a psychic vampire. The More You Know!!

  6. You see. Without consent PV has nothing to feed on. There is nothing to ever feed on but yucky karma at any rate, yet sure cascade are corrupt the feeding can last for eternity. I would not like that path but we are all about desire an nothing else, so it’s s path.

  7. marillin demello says:

    Ahhh. It is not good to be labeled or to label yourself an emotional vampire. This is not an energy you want to take on, or to expose yourself to, unless you are in sacred space, and helping people purge this energy.

  8. I have a friend who calls herself an ’emotional vampire’. I don’t know where she gets this label, but she has never drained me emotionally. She’s intense, but not in a tornado whirlwind kind of way that can’t shut up, just in the quiet way she is because she feels things deeply. That’s okay by me, as I can be intense too and I’m not afraid to go there.I think maybe a lot of so called vampirism comes from the ‘vampee’ making negative judgements about the other person, and their own psychic blocks against that person drain themselves of the energy and lower the vibe. So the vampire becomes the projection of your own shadow.

  9. Tyrus the energy healer says:

    If you are a sensitive being to other peoples energies…you may take on other peoples frequencies( this is an empath, they can have tendencies to take pain of others, to process their stuff, and it’s good to have this gift, but you need to learn boundaries, and how to channel this energy so it doesn’t harm you)….and yes…not all psychic vamps mean to steal energy…some are unaware they are doing it, its when you know you are doing it, and don’t do anything about it when it really becomes dangerous, and down right obnoxious. And I do believe we need to forgive( though sometimes forgiveness does not mean taking a person back in your life), and support each other, to teach other boundaries, and ways to protect ourselves, and to clear our own energies.One of the great spiritual teachings to accomplishing a healthy relationship is non attachment. To love without being attached…to allow freedom..breathing room for another. One can only do this when they have accessed their own inner light.When people have done their spiritual work…are not takers( psychic vamps), you know…you feel safe, and uplifted in their presence, because they have remarkable boundaries, yet still hold the love.

  10. Selby Berube says:

    Intentional or not, it’s still wrong. Even if you are drawing out negative energy, that is still taking their birthright which is their sacred duty to transmute into positivity. See, it’s still codependency. We instead should work toward interdependency, which is where we can help each other without stealing one another’s burdens.

  11. Rolando D says:

    Psychic vampires are easy enough to spot of figure out. They tend to invade space and gather people around them then walk away the people look tired after. If someone keeps engaging you in conversation and you dread it or feel wiped out afterwards they are doing it. Some do not do it on purpose I have to say but many do.

  12. We are interconnected beings … we share in energetic exchanges either consciously or unconsciously. If you are receiving the “short end of the stick” in a relationship, the question one might ask is how am I participating in this exchange that leaves me drained? Regardless of another persons output or behaviour, you have sovereignty of your energy. You are in agreement in that exchange, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s beneficial to you or your well being. You cannot change what you do not understand. To lay blame outside yourself for your energetic self / being speaks volumes about personal ownership and responsibility. Why … is a question that is answered by looking within and owning your piece in the exchange not by assessing the other person as being the culprit of your feelings or drained energy.

  13. lots of people interacting with others in a draining way don’t think of what they are doing in terms of energy… they are in the story of it, perhaps we could say the soap opera… part of the energy drain in my opinion is the inauthenticity they exhibit, sometimes very unknowingly, they are in survival and they think they need to do this to survive, yet the best thing they could do is rise above the level of survival

  14. Aldo Barnes says:

    it seems that people are not toxic, attitudes and behaviors are toxic. the best cure for this kind of vampire behavior would be for them to become more clear about what it is costing THEM, love, joy and aliveness. hurting others does not cause joy, does not allow for connection and all the best things. finding a way to strengthen their own self image and trust in the ability of the higher power to nourish them so they don’t need to suck on others… and as I mentioned from what I’ve been studying of reiki the place to start might be second chakra work

  15. obediah h says:

    Someone who takes energy from those of us who have worked hard at getting our energy from our God or higher source (from within) Many have severe jealousy, codependent, abuse, major insecurities & other issues, they manipulate, are unhappy with themselves and can try to become you. They do not know who they are. They spend a lot of time thinking about you, comparing themselves to you. They find your faults, not to help you with them, but to make themselves feel like they are better than you. Everything is about them, always the victim, constantly need your input for everything. Always needing your attention. For those of you who absorb energies and may take energy unknowingly.. Being an empath is totally different than being a PV

  16. robbi bradfield says:

    A psychic is sensitive to the energies of others, a psychic vampire preys on them. Simple as that. We’re all psychic to some extent and we all have to be wary not to drain the energies of others. We can argue on terminology all night but this I think is the simplest.

  17. I take energy. I can easily drain people to sleep. It makes cuddling kind of suck. Partners never make it through movies and rarely even through a tv show. I really get nothing out of it. I can transfer energy. I’ve grown to hate it. I hate being touched. Get introduced to a new person I will likely wave at them over shaking their hands. It usually makes for awkward moments. There are a lot of people who think i am scared of germs. I let them think it

  18. egon yoder says:

    Someone that feeds on energy…however….they aren’t puerile that steal it, aren’t bad nor evil. They don’t have to feed on energy to be happy either. Another thing, psychic vamps see and feel energy in a completely different way than what most people think or would acknowledge. They’re harmless actually, like many other things that people deem bad. Another thing…PV’s can use energy, pure energy…and they don’t have to nor do they steal from anyone….

  19. There are good and bad, just like every other being. The negative ones abuse the power they have or are unknown about who they are. The positive ones don’t negatively affect others. They naturally hold less energy than other beings. And because of that, they take other people’s energies (knowingly or unknowingly) so they can be a decent part of society. If they don’t do so, they are usually rather depressed and lethargic because their natural energy level is low

  20. Zacharia R. says:

    There are many energy vampires out there but they cannot take what u dont give. They attach and take energy and their usually unaware themselves. Unless dealing with stronger sources, their more manipulative and aware of their actions.

  21. Madison Eller says:

    some aren’t even aware they are doing it, think of them as emotional vampires, everything is about them, conversations become about them, they are victims, they they they they they……. the ones to watch for are they ones who do it intentionally….

  22. nananne b says:

    not so folklore as many believe. They r real and deadly. Anyone can drain energy to a minor degree. A hug or kiss. What they do is a deliberate drain our your base energy needed to sustain life

  23. Janean Kress says:

    It’s the same as energy work. The only difference is the people are unaware that they are being taken from. My ex was one. I didn’t realize it until my energy started getting really low (I’m an energetic powerhouse)…so I cut that cord because he didn’t care whom he harmed to receive his energy. How do they steal your energy? They just take it….everything in this universe works off energy. Everyday processes are exchanges of energy, which is why one is recommended to ground daily. Even talking to a stranger is an exchange of energy. So they interact with higher vibrational souls and extract what they need from you. Normal symptoms are sudden sleepiness and irritation after an exchange. it’s a subconscious exchange done on their part. That’s why they are way more dangerous when they don’t know who they are. They take from everyone all the time.

  24. I’m definitely not a psi-vamp. I’m an empath with many other gifts. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and go through emotions I don’t even know why I have. Extremely bad mood swings lately and overwhelming emotions. I need help with grounding and shielding myself.

  25. Konstantine says:

    Someone said buzzed from being at a high energy thing like a party or around a bunch of drunk people. THAT is it. Empaths are more likely to be exhausted or overwhelmed by such things. It’s kind of like extroversion and introversion, though there are lots of exceptions. That can just be a helpful way to begin to get the idea.

  26. Konstantine says:

    oh my gosh, it’s NOT the same as being an empath. Psi vampirism has to do with energy and aura. Empathy has to do with feeling the emotions of others. Vampirism is like taking all the gas out of someone’s car to fill up your own car. Empathy is seeing someone crying and quite literally crying with them. Empaths and vampires are not good bedfellows….the empath ends up exhausted, drained, or fat from trying to eat away the never ending hunger of the person near them

  27. Konstantine says:

    Psychic vampire is a term to describe people who have a very hard time recharging themselves, so as a result, they seek attention from those around them. Empaths are highly susceptible to psychic (or psi) vampires because all we can feel is their need, and it feels wrong to turn away from that. I used to have a lot of trouble with this, but then I discovered Reiki. This allowed me a tool to help the psi vampire recharge and have their needs met without harming myself to do so.

    Sometimes psychic vampirism is quiet, others it’s obvious. The one consistent is a need for attention, drama, or conflict, as these things require a lot of energy.

    It’s not exactly a bad thing. I know someone who has trouble grounding himself, and he seeks psi vampires because they take what he needs to be freed of, benefiting them both. People like to have a fit and bring the torches after the psychic vampire, but as an empath, you just have to really watch limits with them.

  28. flint crocker says:

    A psychic vampire is simply someone who was born with a need to feed off of life force energy because theirs is naturally low. Feeding from source does not give the same effect to them. It is important to note that there is a difference between an ethical psychic vampire and one that is leeching off of unsuspecting people and being an energetic ass to say the least. They get a really bad rap, for the fault of a few

  29. paul dewey says:

    Apparently if you feel ‘buzzed’ from the energy at a carnival or festival or party you are draining others of their energy. I thought I was just having fun. The way I see it in situations like that where there is so much energy around why not enjoy it and feel happy? Why does it have to be a negative thing that I absorbed and felt all that energy? However if you focus on one person to purposely take energy from them in a malicious way then I would see that as negative.

  30. lorrayne adames says:

    The way I understand them, they are a misunderstood empath, whether it’s intentional or not. Some feed, others give…all filter either for themselves or the good of our universe.

  31. Highly misunderstood.SO many people take it as someone who is willingly draining others of their energy…… there are some like that…Theres also some Empaths that havent been taught any better than to take the energy that humans willingly throw around….Then theres still More and more different kinds of Psy/Energy Vampires.

  32. Aeriell Griswold says:

    I think my daughter does this unintentionally, she often “gets in friends heads” and knows what they are thinking before they get their words out.. Or is that something else?

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      have her start simple by starting to meditate to help realign her chakras and vibration. Keeping a journal of what she sees, feels, senses, hears will also be helpful to her growth. Introduce her to the articles that we have here in group or in other groups that you find may help her to understand that SHE is not alone and there are MANY of us like her. Let her know that there is NOTHING to fear as she will always have control over what Spirit shows her, when, and how, she is the one who will have to set the boundaries.

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