1. As a general rule, it is best to make your customers come to where you are, to your home or office or booth. From a psychological point of view, you need to get them away from their power zones, and have them meet with you at YOUR power zone for their readings. That changes the psychology of it, and puts you more firmly in charge of things. When they have to meet you at your power zone, they take your readings more seriously too.

  2. Karoline K. says:

    I read at a metaphysical shop. I used to read at psychic fairs and coffee shops, and I also tried a few party bookings; only one out of those three ventures was a truly pleasant experience.

    I like the meta shop best, because it is safer than reading in my home or at coffee places. Other positives include consistent pay, an on-going schedule (as opposed to seasonal), a professional setting, a network of other readers for support, and a set location for clients to find you.

    Keeping a clientele was definitely a downfall of moving from coffee shop to a fair to another coffee shop. No matter how much I tried to get phone numbers or e-mail addresses back then, I find that a brick-and-mortar establishment makes a return clientele much more feasible. Working in one set location is like having a reading “home” away from home. I love it there.

  3. I’m doing Tarot readings at a local Psychic Fair next month, FOR THE FIRST TIME! Any advice? I would be grateful for any tips, suggestions, warnings, do’s and don’ts! I usually do readings in private or by email, so any and all advice in this area would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      enjoy – take some water and a few nibbles with you – have a little break half way through at least to just reset your energies and have a wee mingle with the other stall holders share out your business cards, you may be surprised at how many you connect with and become friends with at different fairs

      I always bring Lavender Oil to clear after readings. Drink plenty of water as well to help to not be as drained.

      If you haven’t already thought about that I would suggest to establish a time limit to your readings. You can charge for 30 minutes readings or longer (or shorter, it is up to you) but I would strongly advice against “unlimited time” readings because it can be very draining and not very practical. Establish a time period and stick to it, the clock is a great idea because reinforce that.

      Also ahead of time put a time sheet on the table so they can walk past and book themselves in for a slot of the day

      Hope this helps 🙂

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