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Numerology 7

Sevens are here to learn how to focus and channel their energies into a singleness of purpose. Sevens tend to be a little ‘different’ and people will often see them as being a little scattered. This is because the seven is a deep-thinker with incredible intellectual capacities and is often juggling several issues at once. […]

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Numerology 6

Sixes are here for one reason: to learn to balance. Sixes are often the people everyone turns to for help and advice, and they usually end up carrying more than their fair share of responsibility although, as a natural humanitarian, they don’t seem to mind. They are extremely loving and always willing to help and […]

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Numerology 5

Fives are here to learn how to make constructive use of their freedom. This is why fives often embrace the idea of freedom in an extreme form and, like Peter Pan always searching for the next great adventure, frequently reveal a sense of immaturity and irresponsibility. Fives need something exciting ahead of them all the […]

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Numerology 3

Threes are here to learn the lesson of genuine self-expression versus superficiality. This is why threes often lack the motivation to implement their ideas and see them through to completion. Once the three learns to consciously direct the imagination and harness their creative powers, rather than just dabbling in whatever currently holds their interest, they […]

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Numerology 2

Twos are here to learn the lesson of cooperation versus indifference. This is why the two will very often not receive the credit they are due. This experience of being in the ‘back seat’ when seen in it’s true light leads the two into a deeper sensitivity and empathic ability. It is important for the […]

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