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Taking The Right Path With The Guidance Of Psychic Numerology Reading

People have different problems which must be faced at some point in their lives. Most individuals have problems that appear to be unending. The common problems which people encounter in life includes concerns about a daughter or a son who has no goal in life or getting older without plans of getting married; employment problems or those who are employed for years in a certain company but are not promoted; worried married and unmarried women who yearn for children they are yet to have; love and romance problems; and other problems that may affect and change how people think and understand life itself.

These types of problems always are the common reasons why most people approach psychics to have their future read and hope find some solutions. Psychics are those individuals who are known to have a link to the spirit world or those people who use numerology reading, tarot card reading, crystal balls, horoscopes, astrological chart readings, palm reading, rune reading, telepathy or distant reading, to know the fate of a person in the distant future. They can even sometimes tell things about a person by only looking at his or her face.

One method of psychic reading that is mostly preferred by people, who want to get their future foretold, is numerology reading, or the study of numbers and their meanings and the influences those meanings have to human life. Numerology readings essentially reads the future of individuals by using specific numerical values like their birth date, the numbers of letters their names have, the date of marriage, etc. Most anxieties and curiosities in life regarding the future can be answered through a psychic numerology reading. This can also help people know more about themselves.

So if you need more information about it, why not go for a psychic numerology reading consultation and get your numerology compatibility done? There are various psychic reading sites online which you can access that offers their services for free. Finding one is easy, all you have to do is to check any spiritual reading sites that offers free services using search engines. After selecting the site you want to get the reading from, you will see a portion or a space provided in the web site that asks you to enter your birth name or your real name given to you when you were born, and not the named which you have after marriage (if you’re a woman, that is). After that you must enter your exact birth date in the DDMMYYY order or date, month, year sequence. After providing the necessary information, your psychic numerology reading will be given to you within minutes as well as other detailed information. Some of the numerology compatibility readings which may be foretold to you might even give you a tip to evade any negativity that may come your way.


Numerology 1

Ones are here to learn the lesson of independence versus codependence. For this very reason the one man or woman often displays an over-reliance on others early in life. The early dependence on others, when the challenge is recognized and accepted with courage, leads to a strong sense of self-reliance. The one’s desire for power can lead to a domineering personality if not careful. This is almost always a sign of the impotence of will the one starts out with in life. Ones, more than any other number, must learn to set goals and take action. The essential lesson for ones is the development of will and the right use of power. Ones who are still numerologically young often expect the respect that life will teach them to earn. Once this karmic debt has been paid the path to great achievement and attainment is assured. The one is a natural born leader who posseses considerable charm and magnetism. They enjoy being in the spotlight and are best suited for positions where they can take the lead or are considered ‘the star.’

The one man or woman has strong personal needs and a desire to be praised. They are often stubborn and can appear self-centered. Logical and discriminating in nature, they can sometime rely to heavily upon the conscious mind. Those under the age of 30 often have a great deal of pent up anger. This is due to the strong red vibration of the one harmonic. Once the red vibration is learned to be managed ones often become exceptionally honest and fiercely loyal. They make very passionate lovers when they learn to appreciate their partner. They naturally sit at the head of the table and, at their best, act as a genuine unifying principle for the family unit and social network.

The one man or woman has a singular focus and often unparalleled mental abilities. They posses the ability to concentrate on a single subject to the exclusion of all else. This single-mindedness leads to a tendency to master their chosen fields and often, to become a pioneer of new worlds. The one person is a unique and original force whose lofty ambitions are well-balanced by their creative inventiveness. They are often very well learned and adept at their chosen path. Unfortunately, this same principle makes the one susceptible to bad habits and addictions. The one must learn and perfect the art of self-command as well as to temper his or her ambitions with consideration and respect for others.


Life Path number 1

If the Life Path number is a 1, you must learn how to be independent and self-reliant. Number 1’s often begin life very dependent upon others but, must learn to stand on their own two feet. They must learn to be comfortable taking positions of leadership. You will have a strong ability to concentrate and focus. Be careful that you do not become self-centered.

Destiny Number 1

You like to initiate actions, you remain a leader, you are a pioneer, capable of attaining your goals.

Soul Urge Number 1

You wish to win and only wining can give you the final satisfaction. Half-hearted achievements will make you thoroughly uncomfortable. You have an irresistible urge to achieve.


Numerology 2

Twos are here to learn the lesson of cooperation versus indifference. This is why the two will very often not receive the credit they are due. This experience of being in the ‘back seat’ when seen in it’s true light leads the two into a deeper sensitivity and empathic ability. It is important for the two person to learn how to better deal with their emotions. Twos who are still numerologically young often feel buffeted about on a sea of emotions, moving back and forth between extremes. It is this essential experience of duality that develops the two man or woman’s incredible sense of tact and diplomacy. They will often be called upon to mediate between disputing factions and, their naturally keen intuition will help to harmonize any situation. Once the two has attained the serenity that seemed to elude them in their younger days, they are often found whispering into the ear of the powerful. Their patient cultivation of purpose often transforms them into the ‘power behind the throne.’

The two man or woman makes a loving partner and devoted friend. People with this number are easy to get along with and excel at not only accepting but, also incorporating other people’s opinions and ideas. Their extreme adaptability is useful when comparing different perspectives. Unfortunately, the extremely sensitive nature of the two can lead to an almost backward shyness and a tendency to be used. The two must make sure he is working from the wings to use his influence and not blindly following the leader. The two will often be found in soft, loose clothing sporting a pleasant disposition. Non-aggressive and modest, twos are refined if timid. They prefer to keep their homes neat and tidy, and music is often an important aspect of their lives.

The orange vibration of the two harmonic perfectly reflects the idea of balance. Consequently, twos make ideal partners in business or love. The strong feminine principle in their nature gives them a natural psychic ability especially when it comes to past lives and ancient wisdom. Naturally receptive, they are in tune with the subconscious mind and the use of symbols.

Life Path number 2

If your Life Path number is a 2, you must learn to get along with others and co-operate in relationships. You are likely to be diplomatic and can make others feel at ease. You are adaptable and have a highly sensitive, intuitive nature. You may well end up becoming the ‘person behind the throne’. Don’t be self-effacing and try not to be shy.

Destiny Number 2

You can adapt well to any situation, you value the opinion of others, you are a good partner and a co-operative individual.

Soul Urge Number 2

You seek harmony and love in life. You like to avoid pain and stress. You employ both means, the secular as well as the spiritual, for the resolution of the problems.

Numerology 3


Threes are here to learn the lesson of genuine self-expression versus superficiality. This is why threes often lack the motivation to implement their ideas and see them through to completion. Once the three learns to consciously direct the imagination and harness their creative powers, rather than just dabbling in whatever currently holds their interest, they can develop their formidable creative abilities and begin to manifest their dreams. Numerologically young threes often squander their talents gossiping, criticizing, and worrying and can be frivolous with money. Threes that overcome these challenges can become incredible artists, writers, actors, or architects, showing pronounced verbal skills. Those threes that learn to concentrate their talents, as opposed to being a perpetual student, can acquire a great deal of money.

The three is light-hearted and carefree with a wonderful sense of humor. They are usually very attractive and posses considerable charm. These traits combined with the threes persuasive ability and fickleness create a danger of manipulating both people and circumstances. It is for this reason that the three must learn genuine humility, only then can the three bring joy to others through the expression of their imagination. When the three does learn the lesson of humility they often find themselves transformed, becoming optimistic and enthusiastic. They tend to look good in all colors and styles though their propensity for flamboyance means they should be careful of overdressing, although they should always accessorize. They seek out deep thinkers and mental freedom to exercise their natural curiosity and verbal prowess. Threes are often very lucky.

The yellow vibration of the three harmonic reflects the ideas of learning and study. True growth for a three is a product of focused learning and study which is why it is essential for the three to refrain from scattering his talents. The three must learn to harness his conscious faculties without sacrificing the natural connection he has to the symbolic and artistic play of the subconscious. When that is achieved, threes will find that they can manifest their desires and imaginings in the external world with considerable ease.

Life Path number 3

If 3 is your most important number you’re in luck. This is the number of self-expression and creativity. You are an excellent communicator and probably a talented writer, singer, or actor. You have a well developed imagination although, at times you lack the motivation to make your dreams reality. Don’t squander your expressive talents by gossiping and guard against superficiality.

Destiny Number 3

An outspoken individual, you wish to live life enjoying all its possible gifts, and you mix freely with the people.

Soul Urge Number 3

You have dual talents, verbal as well as written. When you employ them both at the appropriate occasions, you are satisfied. You wish to interact with people and public relations is your forte.


Numerology 4


Fours are here to learn how to bring order out of chaos. This is why many Fours begin life feeling limited and restricted. They must learn to systematically establish stability and order by plodding ahead and working steadily, if slowly, toward their goals. Once the Four has learned to accept and work within the confines they find themselves in their ability to build strong foundations and willingness to work harder than the rest assures them success. Fours are hard workers who often make for serious children. They learn at an early age to transform adversity into a beneficial challenge by not sweating the small stuff and conscientiously going about achieving their goals. Numerologically young Fours are often seen by their peers as being ‘straight laced’ and even a little narrow minded. They can be rigid in their approach and at times, downright stubborn. Once these challenges are met the Four can assume great responsibility.

Fours are very honest and loyal. They are steadfast in their beliefs and will remain with their friends through thick and thin. Their experience in setting goals and achieving them provides them with the patience to handle practical work and very often tempers the desire for material power they may experience in their youth. Although they are very dependable they can be a bit conservative at times, a consequence of their incredible determination and reliance upon their logical mind. They work well with their hands and have strong mechanical abilities. There is a tendency toward being overweight and sloppy that must be kept in check. The FOUR is often a ‘home body’ but, when the four goes out on the town he wants to do so in a tailored suit. Despite his usually frugal nature.

The green vibration of the Four harmonic reflects health and serenity. The even-tempered four is generally grateful for all that he has and all the opportunities he has been given. The focus is on what is, not what could be. This person is spiritually balanced and can see the bigger picture. Curiously, their desire to do the right thing and be of service to their community is often what will eventually put them into the designer label clothing and luxurious mansion. The green vibration is materially creative and refuses to waste anything. Instead the FOUR puts in the necessary planning to insure success. Fours have a natural connection to the earth and usually discover that they have a green thumb, making them excellent gardeners.

Life Path number 4

With a number 4 Life Path you must learn to discipline yourself and be industrious. You will be able to achieve your goals but, you will have to work hard for them. You are very well-organized and down to earth. Part of your destiny is learning how to work within the limits you find yourself in. If you do that, you have the possibility of material accomplishment. Keep yourself from feeling over-whelmed and from being to narrow-minded.

Destiny Number 4

You wish to lay a solid foundation before you implement any project, you are wiling to struggle and you are happy with the steady growth. You don’t employ rash actions to achieve the goals.

Soul Urge Number 4

You wish to secure yourself financially. You wish that others should recognize your talents and efficiency. With your skills, you wish to secure yourself professionally.

Numerology 5


Fives are here to learn how to make constructive use of their freedom. This is why fives often embrace the idea of freedom in an extreme form and, like Peter Pan always searching for the next great adventure, frequently reveal a sense of immaturity and irresponsibility. Fives need something exciting ahead of them all the time and though they are enthusiastic often become distracted and end up attempting twenty things at once. The restless, impulsive spirit of the five abhors the mundane and often has trouble with routine activities. Fives have a tendency to be risk takers and adrenaline junkies who harbor an ideal of a life of nearly perpetual change. The great danger in this is that the five person may end up wasting their time and energy, instead of selecting opportunities that will benefit their growth. They must learn to temper their impulsive nature with patience and forethought. Once the five learns to overcome these karmic challenges the progress they make can be truly astonishing, although this usually doesn’t occur until their middle years. This aspect must be stressed because many fives don’t begin functioning at a responsible level until their late 20s or early 30s.

Fives are versatile and youthful. The freedom and variety of travel is often a great appeal. They are extremely sensual and are attracted to people and sex. This combined with their impulsive nature and abundant energy can lead to overindulgence in purely physical pleasures. The five must learn to practice moderation. Although family is important to them, sadly they tend to be the type of parent who is constantly ‘on the go’ and miss much of the most important periods of their children’s lives. Those fives who do adapt and overcome their karmic challenges can have a decidedly positive influence at home, especially with teenagers. They are natural salesman and can excel in field like public relations. Often fives are attracted to roles of authority and enter careers in the military, law enforcement or, in later life after they have calmed down, serve as judges, attorneys, and community leaders.

The blue vibration of the five harmonic embodies freedom and socializing. Often this produces a desire for sexual experience without romance in a continued need to explore and play. Fives are often unattached, too self-indulgent to really appreciate the experience of love and commitment. But, when the five learns to handle the blue vibration they can become exciting lovers and incredible teachers thanks to their wide range of experience.

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Life Path Number 5

The person with a 5 Life Path must learn how to make constructive use of their freedom. Exciting opportunities will abound throughout your life however, this versatility could lead you to become a ‘jack of all trades’ and a master of none. You are adventurous and enjoy change. Travel should appeal to you and you are eternally young at heart. See to it that life does not become to erratic and that you do not over-indulge in purely physical pleasures.

Destiny Number 5

You are a visionary, you believe in adventures and innovativeness, than walking on the routine path. You work within the limitations of your freedom.

Soul Urge Number 5

You like total freedom in anything you do. Only such a situation leads you to happiness. You wish to enjoy the life to its full extent.

Numerology 6


Sixes are here for one reason: to learn to balance. Sixes are often the people everyone turns to for help and advice, and they usually end up carrying more than their fair share of responsibility although, as a natural humanitarian, they don’t seem to mind. They are extremely loving and always willing to help and most people feel better just being around them. They give and receive love easily and are a source of harmony for others. Sixes learn the joy of responsibility especially in regard to the home and family. They are born ‘nurturers’. Usually they relate well to children and make excellent teachers and, in fact, the sixes are generally regarded as being a sort of ‘cosmic’ teacher or parent. Despite their status they tend to remain humble. A six will excel in any position that allows them to connect with others such as teaching, counseling or the healing arts. The six person who can’t maintain balance, usually by being overwhelmed with an empathic sympathy for others, may take refuge in escapism and self-destruction by abusing their bodies, sexual promiscuity, and overindulgence in food, drink or drugs. It must be said though that this is quite rare.

The six is a sensual person who views sexuality as gift to be shared. They are sensual and gratifying lovers. Most sixes have a tendency to be bi-curious if not actively bi-sexual. Despite this the six is usually marriage minded. Usually above average in appearance, it is surprising that many sixes tend to be quite timid. They want to find someone who loves them for who they are and not who they appear to be. They have a deep appreciation for beauty, both inwardly and in the natural order of the world around them. They tend to dress stylishly but with an eye for practicality and comfort. Occasionally the six will play the part of a tease but this is just a defense mechanism. About the worst that can said about the six is that they can be fussy meddlers in other people’s business and, at times, be a little critical.

The indigo vibration in the six harmonic transmits the idea of reflection and looking back over the past. Sixes often have an intuitive ability to call upon knowledge and skills gained in past live. They have a deep understanding of occult ideas and are genuine mystics. The color indigo perfectly reflects the depths of their soul and their ability to balance the spiritual and the physical. Sixes find great joy in doing service for others and follow the golden rule to a fault.

Life Path Number 6

If your Life Path number is a 6, the responsibilities that come with home and family will be important to you. Your greatest satisfaction will come when you learn to give and receive love to all around you. You are a positive person who is always ready to lend a helping hand. You are empathetic and a born ‘nurturer’. Be careful that you don’t become a busy-body and meddle in other people’s business.

Destiny Number 6

You have a balanced mental attitude. You wish to protect others and you are sympathetic to the cause of others.

Soul Urge Number 6

You wish to work hard, and you wish that your efforts may be recognized and appreciated, especially from your own family members, friends and colleagues. Sense of acknowledgment for your work will make you work even harder.


Numerology 7

Sevens are here to learn how to focus and channel their energies into a singleness of purpose. Sevens tend to be a little ‘different’ and people will often see them as being a little scattered. This is because the seven is a deep-thinker with incredible intellectual capacities and is often juggling several issues at once. They are born philosophers and sages. This well often make it difficult to fit into a group or relate to other people. In fact, the seven is often misunderstood or underappreciated. Other people will often look upon them as being something of an enigma. This is usually just fine with the seven as they tend to need a good deal of time alone. The great advantage to their reserved nature and introspective abilities is that it tends to give them access to unique and creative solutions. These people tend to have a strong, unspoken faith that is not a matter of belief but of ‘knowing’. Their beliefs are validated by fact and experience. Sevens must learn not to get distracted by outside influences and to wait for opportunity to arrive. But, once they learn to focus their energies upon their goals, nothing can stop them from accomplishing them.

The seven is an intuitive person who spends their life seeking knowledge and wisdom. They have a tendency to be overly-analytical at times but this is because they are quite good with details. They are generally quiet and sometimes shy. They can at times become withdrawn and a little nervous around others making them seem a little aloof. Sevens dislike noise and confusion and harbor a love of nature. They are well-groomed, and have a distinctive attitude. Generally they are interested in both technology and spirituality, and gain in knowledge and wisdom throughout their life. They make good scientists, and good mystics.

The violet vibration of the seven harmonic reflects good health, happiness, and well-being. It also denotes femininity and the mysteries associated with the esoteric world. This is why sevens are often quite interested in the spiritual side of life and are often attracted to the exotic or the occult. Many are quite powerful shamans without realizing it because they have a natural ability to exist in multiple realms simultaneously. It is a vibration that softens the heart of men and strengthens the resolve of women.

Life Path Number 7

The person with a 7 Life Path is on a completely different ‘wavelength’. This may make you feel at times separated from others. However, you will grow in wisdom and knowledge throughout your life, never ceasing to develop spiritually. You need plenty of time alone and have an insightful mind. Others may see you as something of an enigma. Don’t allow the powerful 7 energy to make you to nervous else you will end up withdrawing completely from the company of others.

Destiny Number 7

You are knowledgeable, you have a good sense of awareness. You have an analytical mind.

Soul Urge Number 7

You are a spiritual being and love nature. You have a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around you. You mostly seek solitude, which is your bliss.

Numerology 8


Eights are here to learn the lesson that strength and greatness are the result of compassion and charity. Eights have the potential of rising to great power and with this power comes great responsibility. Eight is the number of money and finance and, correspondingly, people with the eight influence were either born with or will come to know prosperity and privilege. But be warned, for until you realize that responsibility should be used to serve and benefit others, you will not be content in life. However, pleasure can come from material satisfaction and whatever goals you set, set the aim high for you will most likely achieve them. People with this number like to be involved in practical undertakings and the bigger the better. They also want their financial reward at the end and the are willing to work long and hard to reach their goals. Usually, upon reaching their goals the eight can become very generous with both their time and money.

Eights are very ambitious and confident. They are practical in nature and have good business instincts and organizational abilities. Eights are very self-disciplined and have the inborn intensity needed to achieve their goals. However, they can sometimes be rather rigid and stubborn. They don’t like anyone questioning their authority. There is a danger of misusing their power by wasting their energy and demanding everything for themselves. The eight should take care to present an influential, successful appearance. Tweed, plaids, and sporty dress are advised. Eights make excellent managers, businesspeople and entrepreneurs, for they have a latent power to meet and overcome obstacles.

The pink vibration of the eight harmonic reflects love and romance. An aspect of themselves that many eights fear, tending to see passion and compassion as hindrances to their objectives. The eight must learn to embrace this energy and flow into their lives completely. Material possessions are only half the story, the eight must balance this with spiritual possessions as well. True abundance comes from the heart. Only when the eight realizes this will success truly be theirs!

Life Path number 8

If your Life Path number is 8 it can be extremely fortunate as this is the number of money. And it’s a good thing because you definitely have material needs! You have big ambitions and the ability to achieve your goals. Once you do prosperity will be yours. You would make a great entrepreneur or manager. Remember that true abundance comes from the heart and don’t misuse your power. Be weary of demanding more from others than they are capable of giving.

Destiny Number 8

You goals are high, not satisfied with the routine achievements, you seek power and you are willing to employ strategic means to achieve your goals.

Soul Urge Number 8

You are materialist and therefore you love power and position of authority. You wish to get yourself well-established in business. You love status and are willing to work very hard to achieve it.

Numerology 9

Nines are here to learn how to distinguish humiliation from humility and in the process learn the deep of joy of giving without expecting anything in return. The nine is a natural humanitarian who has a tendency to take upon themselves everyone else’s problems. This is a karmic trap meant to turn the nine who would be of service to the world into one of its many victims. They need to be extra careful that they are helping others out of love and compassion and not being used or imposed upon. It is too easy to become a doormat. This distinction can be difficult for the nine to make as they tend to give without expecting any reward. However, they must temper their ideal nature with practicality, else they could easily be hurt. The nine is suited for a humanitarian or philanthropic types of careers however, they will most likely end up expressing their caring, giving and charitable nature in any career that is chosen. Whatever the nine does, it will involve giving of himself.

Nines are idealistic and sensitive. In learning how to rise above their own personal desires the nine often displays a sense of refined character. They are generous and tolerant, and very often have psychic abilities. They tend to be rather romantic and imaginative. Nines who have not learned the karmic lesson of giving and selflessness can sometimes be egocentric and selfish. There is also the possibility of dreaming away life without taking definite action to accomplish their aims. The nine though is a seeker, always reaching after life’s mysteries, hoping to heal mankind-or at least, benefit their community. Nines look good in all colors although black (because of their sensitive nature) should be avoided at all costs. The dreaming nine can sometimes be a little sloppy in appearance, they should watch for carelessness in the way that they dress. Nines who meet their karmic obligation will be elevated in consciousness to a greater level of spiritual connection-this is the meaning and purpose of their life. To express the wisdom they have amassed in all precious incarnations.

Life Path Number 9

Number 9, you are the natural humanitarian. You get great satisfaction out of helping others, especially those less fortunate. Rarely do you ask anything in return. However, you must remain aware of your own needs and learn to take what you deserve. No matter what you do in life your caring, giving nature will shine through. You are an idealist and should make certain that you are not giving in to idle daydreams and fancy. Steer clear of egocentricity of any form.

Destiny Number 9

You are a creative person, respect human values and wish to give and help others

Soul Urge Number 9

You are a social being. That is to say, the welfare of humanity is your primary concern. You wish to contribute to make the world a better living place. Helping others gives you a sense of contentment.

Numerology 11


Eleven is a ‘master number’ and people bearing the mark of this number have access to higher levels of conscious awareness. Elevens are visionaries who, in previous lifetimes, have already learned the easy lessons, they are ‘old souls’. The main thrust of their efforts in this life should be to put into practical action the amazing and inspiring plans they are capable of. Otherwise, they may only achieve the tiniest fraction of their ambitions in life. Elevens tend to be dreamers and struggle getting their footing in life, normally they succeed comparatively later in life than others. This is because the field of their vision opens them to distant horizons that the typical individual is incapable of seeing. People are aware of their superior abilities and often expect more from them eleven-who is not always so eager to give. Ego can be a problem at times but, this is mostly due to the high strain of the eleven vibration. There is a great degree of nervous tension with these numbers and a person born with the mark of eleven must work to adapt to the energy and use it constructively. Not an easy task! This is the number of illumination and inspiration and the path to illumination is no easy road.

Elevens have good hearts and tend to idealism. These people will willingly sacrifice themselves for others. Though not without expecting some credit for what they do. They like attention and make no bones about it. However, they have a deep sense of humanitarianism and would do well working to improve the world or even their little portion of it. Their color is silver.

Numerology 22

Twenty-two is the vibration of the Master Builder or Carnal Master-a person capable of both conceiving and implementing a culture-changing concept. Twenty-twos have the awareness and potential of an eleven but with the additional capacity to make those ideas practical reality. This is a person filled with high energy and strong mental abilities, although they usually do not reach their peak until later in life. This is because the pressures and tensions of a master number must be assimilated and mastered first, this energy makes it challenging to achieve early in life. Their task is to learn how to harness the energy of the twenty-two vibration and put their talents to the best use. When this is done, they will more than likely make their mark in life. Although they can be slightly unorthodox, they are very charismatic and able to inspire and motivate. They often take an unusual approach to problems and challenges creating unique solutions that seem to baffle the average individual. Their color is gold.

Karmic Debt Numbers


The Karmic Debt Numbers are a series of four numbers (13, 14, 16, and 19) that contain a special test to the bearer, especially when they appear in the core numbers. Some believe that these ‘debts’ were incurred in past lives while others believe these are special burdens our soul chose to bear before incarnating. Whichever conclusion you feel most in line with, you will find the Karmic Debt Numbers to be an objective phenomenon within the Numerology chart.

Numerologically, Thirteen is an indication of change. It signals a ‘moment of truth’ that when faced can lead to great rewards. There is a danger here of laziness and negativity and, anyone bearing the Thirteen influence will need to work hard to achieve their goals. The way to overcome these obstacles is through a steady focus and consistent, sustained efforts.

The test of the Fourteen is the moderation of sensual pleasures. This influence brings with it excess and lust. It is usually self-destructive: The negative sides of the One (1) and Four (4), selfishness and chaos respectively, combine in the Five (5) to produce an addictive and excessive personality. The key to overcoming this influence is finding mental and emotional stability and, committing to rigorous self-discipline.

The Sixteen is an influence that indicates past pride and vanity. This is a number of great change, and often great pain, for it deals with the destruction of the ego. However, the Sixteen influence offers great rewards for those who learn its lesson and pursue a spiritual path. If the Sixteen appears in one of the Core Numbers the bearer of its influence would be wise to make the phrase “Let go and let g-d” his personal mantra.

The Nineteen carries karmic implications that require a balance of selfish interests with broader, more universal ideals. The Nineteen will encounter sacrifice after sacrifice until the interests of others are balanced with the interests of self. The primary lesson is that while you may be seeking independence for yourself, you are still connected and require the mutual assistance of others.



















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