Numerology 11

Numerology 11

Eleven is a ‘master number’ and people bearing the mark of this number have access to higher levels of conscious awareness. Elevens are visionaries who, in previous lifetimes, have already learned the easy lessons, they are ‘old souls’. The main thrust of their efforts in this life should be to put into practical action the amazing and inspiring plans they are capable of. Otherwise, they may only achieve the tiniest fraction of their ambitions in life. Elevens tend to be dreamers and struggle getting their footing in life, normally they succeed comparatively later in life than others. This is because the field of their vision opens them to distant horizons that the typical individual is incapable of seeing. People are aware of their superior abilities and often expect more from them eleven-who is not always so eager to give. Ego can be a problem at times but, this is mostly due to the high strain of the eleven vibration. There is a great degree of nervous tension with these numbers and a person born with the mark of eleven must work to adapt to the energy and use it constructively. Not an easy task! This is the number of illumination and inspiration and the path to illumination is no easy road.

Elevens have good hearts and tend to idealism. These people will willingly sacrifice themselves for others. Though not without expecting some credit for what they do. They like attention and make no bones about it. However, they have a deep sense of humanitarianism and would do well working to improve the world or even their little portion of it. Their color is silver.

Twenty-two is the vibration of the Master Builder or Carnal Master-a person capable of both conceiving and implementing a culture-changing concept. Twenty-twos have the awareness and potential of an eleven but with the additional capacity to make those ideas practical reality. This is a person filled with high energy and strong mental abilities, although they usually do not reach their peak until later in life. This is because the pressures and tensions of a master number must be assimilated and mastered first, this energy makes it challenging to achieve early in life. Their task is to learn how to harness the energy of the twenty-two vibration and put their talents to the best use. When this is done, they will more than likely make their mark in life. Although they can be slightly unorthodox, they are very charismatic and able to inspire and motivate. They often take an unusual approach to problems and challenges creating unique solutions that seem to baffle the average individual. Their color is gold.


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