Numerology 9

Numerology 9

Nines are here to learn how to distinguish humiliation from humility and in the process learn the deep of joy of giving without expecting anything in return. The nine is a natural humanitarian who has a tendency to take upon themselves everyone else’s problems. This is a karmic trap meant to turn the nine who would be of service to the world into one of its many victims. They need to be extra careful that they are helping others out of love and compassion and not being used or imposed upon. It is too easy to become a doormat. This distinction can be difficult for the nine to make as they tend to give without expecting any reward. However, they must temper their ideal nature with practicality, else they could easily be hurt. The nine is suited for a humanitarian or philanthropic types of careers however, they will most likely end up expressing their caring, giving and charitable nature in any career that is chosen. Whatever the nine does, it will involve giving of himself.

Nines are idealistic and sensitive. In learning how to rise above their own personal desires the nine often displays a sense of refined character. They are generous and tolerant, and very often have psychic abilities. They tend to be rather romantic and imaginative. Nines who have not learned the karmic lesson of giving and selflessness can sometimes be egocentric and selfish. There is also the possibility of dreaming away life without taking definite action to accomplish their aims. The nine though is a seeker, always reaching after life’s mysteries, hoping to heal mankind-or at least, benefit their community. Nines look good in all colors although black (because of their sensitive nature) should be avoided at all costs. The dreaming nine can sometimes be a little sloppy in appearance, they should watch for carelessness in the way that they dress. Nines who meet their karmic obligation will be elevated in consciousness to a greater level of spiritual connection-this is the meaning and purpose of their life. To express the wisdom they have amassed in all precious incarnations.

Life Path Number 9

Number 9, you are the natural humanitarian. You get great satisfaction out of helping others, especially those less fortunate. Rarely do you ask anything in return. However, you must remain aware of your own needs and learn to take what you deserve. No matter what you do in life your caring, giving nature will shine through. You are an idealist and should make certain that you are not giving in to idle daydreams and fancy. Steer clear of egocentricity of any form.

Destiny Number 9

You are a creative person, respect human values and wish to give and help others

Soul Urge Number 9

You are a social being. That is to say, the welfare of humanity is your primary concern. You wish to contribute to make the world a better living place. Helping others gives you a sense of contentment.


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