Numerology 8

Numerology 8

Eights are here to learn the lesson that strength and greatness are the result of compassion and charity. Eights have the potential of rising to great power and with this power comes great responsibility. Eight is the number of money and finance and, correspondingly, people with the eight influence were either born with or will come to know prosperity and privilege. But be warned, for until you realize that responsibility should be used to serve and benefit others, you will not be content in life. However, pleasure can come from material satisfaction and whatever goals you set, set the aim high for you will most likely achieve them. People with this number like to be involved in practical undertakings and the bigger the better. They also want their financial reward at the end and the are willing to work long and hard to reach their goals. Usually, upon reaching their goals the eight can become very generous with both their time and money.

Eights are very ambitious and confident. They are practical in nature and have good business instincts and organizational abilities. Eights are very self-disciplined and have the inborn intensity needed to achieve their goals. However, they can sometimes be rather rigid and stubborn. They don’t like anyone questioning their authority. There is a danger of misusing their power by wasting their energy and demanding everything for themselves. The eight should take care to present an influential, successful appearance. Tweed, plaids, and sporty dress are advised. Eights make excellent managers, businesspeople and entrepreneurs, for they have a latent power to meet and overcome obstacles.

The pink vibration of the eight harmonic reflects love and romance. An aspect of themselves that many eights fear, tending to see passion and compassion as hindrances to their objectives. The eight must learn to embrace this energy and flow into their lives completely. Material possessions are only half the story, the eight must balance this with spiritual possessions as well. True abundance comes from the heart. Only when the eight realizes this will success truly be theirs!

Life Path number 8

If your Life Path number is 8 it can be extremely fortunate as this is the number of money. And it’s a good thing because you definitely have material needs! You have big ambitions and the ability to achieve your goals. Once you do prosperity will be yours. You would make a great entrepreneur or manager. Remember that true abundance comes from the heart and don’t misuse your power. Be weary of demanding more from others than they are capable of giving.

Destiny Number 8

You goals are high, not satisfied with the routine achievements, you seek power and you are willing to employ strategic means to achieve your goals.

Soul Urge Number 8

You are materialist and therefore you love power and position of authority. You wish to get yourself well-established in business. You love status and are willing to work very hard to achieve it.

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