Numerology 7

Numerology 7

Sevens are here to learn how to focus and channel their energies into a singleness of purpose. Sevens tend to be a little ‘different’ and people will often see them as being a little scattered. This is because the seven is a deep-thinker with incredible intellectual capacities and is often juggling several issues at once. They are born philosophers and sages. This well often make it difficult to fit into a group or relate to other people. In fact, the seven is often misunderstood or underappreciated. Other people will often look upon them as being something of an enigma. This is usually just fine with the seven as they tend to need a good deal of time alone. The great advantage to their reserved nature and introspective abilities is that it tends to give them access to unique and creative solutions. These people tend to have a strong, unspoken faith that is not a matter of belief but of ‘knowing’. Their beliefs are validated by fact and experience. Sevens must learn not to get distracted by outside influences and to wait for opportunity to arrive. But, once they learn to focus their energies upon their goals, nothing can stop them from accomplishing them.

The seven is an intuitive person who spends their life seeking knowledge and wisdom. They have a tendency to be overly-analytical at times but this is because they are quite good with details. They are generally quiet and sometimes shy. They can at times become withdrawn and a little nervous around others making them seem a little aloof. Sevens dislike noise and confusion and harbor a love of nature. They are well-groomed, and have a distinctive attitude. Generally they are interested in both technology and spirituality, and gain in knowledge and wisdom throughout their life. They make good scientists, and good mystics.

The violet vibration of the seven harmonic reflects good health, happiness, and well-being. It also denotes femininity and the mysteries associated with the esoteric world. This is why sevens are often quite interested in the spiritual side of life and are often attracted to the exotic or the occult. Many are quite powerful shamans without realizing it because they have a natural ability to exist in multiple realms simultaneously. It is a vibration that softens the heart of men and strengthens the resolve of women.

Life Path Number 7

The person with a 7 Life Path is on a completely different ‘wavelength’. This may make you feel at times separated from others. However, you will grow in wisdom and knowledge throughout your life, never ceasing to develop spiritually. You need plenty of time alone and have an insightful mind. Others may see you as something of an enigma. Don’t allow the powerful 7 energy to make you to nervous else you will end up withdrawing completely from the company of others.

Destiny Number 7

You are knowledgeable, you have a good sense of awareness. You have an analytical mind.

Soul Urge Number 7

You are a spiritual being and love nature. You have a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around you. You mostly seek solitude, which is your bliss.


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