Numerology 6

Numerology 6

Sixes are here for one reason: to learn to balance. Sixes are often the people everyone turns to for help and advice, and they usually end up carrying more than their fair share of responsibility although, as a natural humanitarian, they don’t seem to mind. They are extremely loving and always willing to help and most people feel better just being around them. They give and receive love easily and are a source of harmony for others. Sixes learn the joy of responsibility especially in regard to the home and family. They are born ‘nurturers’. Usually they relate well to children and make excellent teachers and, in fact, the sixes are generally regarded as being a sort of ‘cosmic’ teacher or parent. Despite their status they tend to remain humble. A six will excel in any position that allows them to connect with others such as teaching, counseling or the healing arts. The six person who can’t maintain balance, usually by being overwhelmed with an empathic sympathy for others, may take refuge in escapism and self-destruction by abusing their bodies, sexual promiscuity, and overindulgence in food, drink or drugs. It must be said though that this is quite rare.

The six is a sensual person who views sexuality as gift to be shared. They are sensual and gratifying lovers. Most sixes have a tendency to be bi-curious if not actively bi-sexual. Despite this the six is usually marriage minded. Usually above average in appearance, it is surprising that many sixes tend to be quite timid. They want to find someone who loves them for who they are and not who they appear to be. They have a deep appreciation for beauty, both inwardly and in the natural order of the world around them. They tend to dress stylishly but with an eye for practicality and comfort. Occasionally the six will play the part of a tease but this is just a defense mechanism. About the worst that can said about the six is that they can be fussy meddlers in other people’s business and, at times, be a little critical.

The indigo vibration in the six harmonic transmits the idea of reflection and looking back over the past. Sixes often have an intuitive ability to call upon knowledge and skills gained in past live. They have a deep understanding of occult ideas and are genuine mystics. The color indigo perfectly reflects the depths of their soul and their ability to balance the spiritual and the physical. Sixes find great joy in doing service for others and follow the golden rule to a fault.

Life Path Number 6

If your Life Path number is a 6, the responsibilities that come with home and family will be important to you. Your greatest satisfaction will come when you learn to give and receive love to all around you. You are a positive person who is always ready to lend a helping hand. You are empathetic and a born ‘nurturer’. Be careful that you don’t become a busy-body and meddle in other people’s business.

Destiny Number 6

You have a balanced mental attitude. You wish to protect others and you are sympathetic to the cause of others.

Soul Urge Number 6

You wish to work hard, and you wish that your efforts may be recognized and appreciated, especially from your own family members, friends and colleagues. Sense of acknowledgment for your work will make you work even harder.

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