Numerology 5

Numerology 5

Fives are here to learn how to make constructive use of their freedom. This is why fives often embrace the idea of freedom in an extreme form and, like Peter Pan always searching for the next great adventure, frequently reveal a sense of immaturity and irresponsibility. Fives need something exciting ahead of them all the time and though they are enthusiastic often become distracted and end up attempting twenty things at once. The restless, impulsive spirit of the five abhors the mundane and often has trouble with routine activities. Fives have a tendency to be risk takers and adrenaline junkies who harbor an ideal of a life of nearly perpetual change. The great danger in this is that the five person may end up wasting their time and energy, instead of selecting opportunities that will benefit their growth. They must learn to temper their impulsive nature with patience and forethought. Once the five learns to overcome these karmic challenges the progress they make can be truly astonishing, although this usually doesn’t occur until their middle years. This aspect must be stressed because many fives don’t begin functioning at a responsible level until their late 20s or early 30s.

Fives are versatile and youthful. The freedom and variety of travel is often a great appeal. They are extremely sensual and are attracted to people and sex. This combined with their impulsive nature and abundant energy can lead to overindulgence in purely physical pleasures. The five must learn to practice moderation. Although family is important to them, sadly they tend to be the type of parent who is constantly ‘on the go’ and miss much of the most important periods of their children’s lives. Those fives who do adapt and overcome their karmic challenges can have a decidedly positive influence at home, especially with teenagers. They are natural salesman and can excel in field like public relations. Often fives are attracted to roles of authority and enter careers in the military, law enforcement or, in later life after they have calmed down, serve as judges, attorneys, and community leaders.

The blue vibration of the five harmonic embodies freedom and socializing. Often this produces a desire for sexual experience without romance in a continued need to explore and play. Fives are often unattached, too self-indulgent to really appreciate the experience of love and commitment. But, when the five learns to handle the blue vibration they can become exciting lovers and incredible teachers thanks to their wide range of experience.

Life Path Number 5

The person with a 5 Life Path must learn how to make constructive use of their freedom. Exciting opportunities will abound throughout your life however, this versatility could lead you to become a ‘jack of all trades’ and a master of none. You are adventurous and enjoy change. Travel should appeal to you and you are eternally young at heart. See to it that life does not become to erratic and that you do not over-indulge in purely physical pleasures.

Destiny Number 5

You are a visionary, you believe in adventures and innovativeness, than walking on the routine path. You work within the limitations of your freedom.

Soul Urge Number 5

You like total freedom in anything you do. Only such a situation leads you to happiness. You wish to enjoy the life to its full extent.

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