Numerology 4

Numerology 4

Fours are here to learn how to bring order out of chaos. This is why many Fours begin life feeling limited and restricted. They must learn to systematically establish stability and order by plodding ahead and working steadily, if slowly, toward their goals. Once the Four has learned to accept and work within the confines they find themselves in their ability to build strong foundations and willingness to work harder than the rest assures them success. Fours are hard workers who often make for serious children. They learn at an early age to transform adversity into a beneficial challenge by not sweating the small stuff and conscientiously going about achieving their goals. Numerologically young Fours are often seen by their peers as being ‘straight laced’ and even a little narrow minded. They can be rigid in their approach and at times, downright stubborn. Once these challenges are met the Four can assume great responsibility.

Fours are very honest and loyal. They are steadfast in their beliefs and will remain with their friends through thick and thin. Their experience in setting goals and achieving them provides them with the patience to handle practical work and very often tempers the desire for material power they may experience in their youth. Although they are very dependable they can be a bit conservative at times, a consequence of their incredible determination and reliance upon their logical mind. They work well with their hands and have strong mechanical abilities. There is a tendency toward being overweight and sloppy that must be kept in check. The FOUR is often a ‘home body’ but, when the four goes out on the town he wants to do so in a tailored suit. Despite his usually frugal nature.

The green vibration of the Four harmonic reflects health and serenity. The even-tempered four is generally grateful for all that he has and all the opportunities he has been given. The focus is on what is, not what could be. This person is spiritually balanced and can see the bigger picture. Curiously, their desire to do the right thing and be of service to their community is often what will eventually put them into the designer label clothing and luxurious mansion. The green vibration is materially creative and refuses to waste anything. Instead the FOUR puts in the necessary planning to insure success. Fours have a natural connection to the earth and usually discover that they have a green thumb, making them excellent gardeners.

Life Path number 4

With a number 4 Life Path you must learn to discipline yourself and be industrious. You will be able to achieve your goals but, you will have to work hard for them. You are very well-organized and down to earth. Part of your destiny is learning how to work within the limits you find yourself in. If you do that, you have the possibility of material accomplishment. Keep yourself from feeling over-whelmed and from being to narrow-minded.

Destiny Number 4

You wish to lay a solid foundation before you implement any project, you are wiling to struggle and you are happy with the steady growth. You don’t employ rash actions to achieve the goals.

Soul Urge Number 4

You wish to secure yourself financially. You wish that others should recognize your talents and efficiency. With your skills, you wish to secure yourself professionally.



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