Numerology 3

Numerology 3

Threes are here to learn the lesson of genuine self-expression versus superficiality. This is why threes often lack the motivation to implement their ideas and see them through to completion. Once the three learns to consciously direct the imagination and harness their creative powers, rather than just dabbling in whatever currently holds their interest, they can develop their formidable creative abilities and begin to manifest their dreams. Numerologically young threes often squander their talents gossiping, criticizing, and worrying and can be frivolous with money. Threes that overcome these challenges can become incredible artists, writers, actors, or architects, showing pronounced verbal skills. Those threes that learn to concentrate their talents, as opposed to being a perpetual student, can acquire a great deal of money.

The three is light-hearted and carefree with a wonderful sense of humor. They are usually very attractive and posses considerable charm. These traits combined with the threes persuasive ability and fickleness create a danger of manipulating both people and circumstances. It is for this reason that the three must learn genuine humility, only then can the three bring joy to others through the expression of their imagination. When the three does learn the lesson of humility they often find themselves transformed, becoming optimistic and enthusiastic. They tend to look good in all colors and styles though their propensity for flamboyance means they should be careful of overdressing, although they should always accessorize. They seek out deep thinkers and mental freedom to exercise their natural curiosity and verbal prowess. Threes are often very lucky.

The yellow vibration of the three harmonic reflects the ideas of learning and study. True growth for a three is a product of focused learning and study which is why it is essential for the three to refrain from scattering his talents. The three must learn to harness his conscious faculties without sacrificing the natural connection he has to the symbolic and artistic play of the subconscious. When that is achieved, threes will find that they can manifest their desires and imaginings in the external world with considerable ease.

Life Path number 3

If 3 is your most important number you’re in luck. This is the number of self-expression and creativity. You are an excellent communicator and probably a talented writer, singer, or actor. You have a well developed imagination although, at times you lack the motivation to make your dreams reality. Don’t squander your expressive talents by gossiping and guard against superficiality.

Destiny Number 3

An outspoken individual, you wish to live life enjoying all its possible gifts, and you mix freely with the people.

Soul Urge Number 3

You have dual talents, verbal as well as written. When you employ them both at the appropriate occasions, you are satisfied. You wish to interact with people and public relations is your forte.

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