Numerology 2

Numerology 2

Twos are here to learn the lesson of cooperation versus indifference. This is why the two will very often not receive the credit they are due. This experience of being in the ‘back seat’ when seen in it’s true light leads the two into a deeper sensitivity and empathic ability. It is important for the two person to learn how to better deal with their emotions. Twos who are still numerologically young often feel buffeted about on a sea of emotions, moving back and forth between extremes. It is this essential experience of duality that develops the two man or woman’s incredible sense of tact and diplomacy. They will often be called upon to mediate between disputing factions and, their naturally keen intuition will help to harmonize any situation. Once the two has attained the serenity that seemed to elude them in their younger days, they are often found whispering into the ear of the powerful. Their patient cultivation of purpose often transforms them into the ‘power behind the throne.’

The two man or woman makes a loving partner and devoted friend. People with this number are easy to get along with and excel at not only accepting but, also incorporating other people’s opinions and ideas. Their extreme adaptability is useful when comparing different perspectives. Unfortunately, the extremely sensitive nature of the two can lead to an almost backward shyness and a tendency to be used. The two must make sure he is working from the wings to use his influence and not blindly following the leader. The two will often be found in soft, loose clothing sporting a pleasant disposition. Non-aggressive and modest, twos are refined if timid. They prefer to keep their homes neat and tidy, and music is often an important aspect of their lives.

The orange vibration of the two harmonic perfectly reflects the idea of balance. Consequently, twos make ideal partners in business or love. The strong feminine principle in their nature gives them a natural psychic ability especially when it comes to past lives and ancient wisdom. Naturally receptive, they are in tune with the subconscious mind and the use of symbols.


Life Path number 2

If your Life Path number is a 2, you must learn to get along with others and co-operate in relationships. You are likely to be diplomatic and can make others feel at ease. You are adaptable and have a highly sensitive, intuitive nature. You may well end up becoming the ‘person behind the throne’. Don’t be self-effacing and try not to be shy.

Destiny Number 2

You can adapt well to any situation, you value the opinion of others, you are a good partner and a co-operative individual.

Soul Urge Number 2

You seek harmony and love in life. You like to avoid pain and stress. You employ both means, the secular as well as the spiritual, for the resolution of the problems.

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