Numerology 1

Numerology 1

Ones are here to learn the lesson of independence versus codependence. For this very reason the one man or woman often displays an over-reliance on others early in life. The early dependence on others, when the challenge is recognized and accepted with courage, leads to a strong sense of self-reliance. The one’s desire for power can lead to a domineering personality if not careful. This is almost always a sign of the impotence of will the one starts out with in life. Ones, more than any other number, must learn to set goals and take action. The essential lesson for ones is the development of will and the right use of power. Ones who are still numerologically young often expect the respect that life will teach them to earn. Once this karmic debt has been paid the path to great achievement and attainment is assured. The one is a natural born leader who posseses considerable charm and magnetism. They enjoy being in the spotlight and are best suited for positions where they can take the lead or are considered ‘the star.’

The one man or woman has strong personal needs and a desire to be praised. They are often stubborn and can appear self-centered. Logical and discriminating in nature, they can sometime rely to heavily upon the conscious mind. Those under the age of 30 often have a great deal of pent up anger. This is due to the strong red vibration of the one harmonic. Once the red vibration is learned to be managed ones often become exceptionally honest and fiercely loyal. They make very passionate lovers when they learn to appreciate their partner. They naturally sit at the head of the table and, at their best, act as a genuine unifying principle for the family unit and social network.

The one man or woman has a singular focus and often unparalleled mental abilities. They posses the ability to concentrate on a single subject to the exclusion of all else. This single-mindedness leads to a tendency to master their chosen fields and often, to become a pioneer of new worlds. The one person is a unique and original force whose lofty ambitions are well-balanced by their creative inventiveness. They are often very well learned and adept at their chosen path. Unfortunately, this same principle makes the one susceptible to bad habits and addictions. The one must learn and perfect the art of self-command as well as to temper his or her ambitions with consideration and respect for others.

Life Path number 1

If the Life Path number is a 1, you must learn how to be independent and self-reliant. Number 1’s often begin life very dependent upon others but, must learn to stand on their own two feet. They must learn to be comfortable taking positions of leadership. You will have a strong ability to concentrate and focus. Be careful that you do not become self-centered.

Destiny Number 1

You like to initiate actions, you remain a leader, you are a pioneer, capable of attaining your goals.

Soul Urge Number 1

You wish to win and only wining can give you the final satisfaction. Half-hearted achievements will make you thoroughly uncomfortable. You have an irresistible urge to achieve.


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