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The Importance of the Changes Made by the New Zodiac Signs

The addition of new zodiac signs to the existing ones is seen by many as a truly controversial idea. As far as many astrologists are concerned, the Sun travels directly from Scorpio to Sagittarius but, lately, many have argued that it also spends 19 days in a constellation called Ophiuchus (the Serpent Holder or Serpentarius). This was the source for much of the controversy revolving around the idea of a 13th zodiac sign.

Now, change is something that not everyone is comfortable with and many people consider that adding a new zodiac sign would create confusion and unbalance the accuracy of astrologic readings. Many also argue that while Ophiuchus is recognized as a valid constellation it is not seen as an actual zodiac sign and this was the reason why it was never included in the western zodiac from the start.

Nevertheless, whether adding new zodiac signs or not, the entire purpose of the science of astrology is to offer accurate information and help people create a valid picture of the way in which the stars influence our lives. Because the universe is not stable and the position of the sun in the galaxy continues to shift, changes in the zodiac are unavoidable in the long run.

The fact is that Serpentarius has been around for a long time and it was simply not recognized as a zodiac sign. Recent scientific discoveries seem to show the fact that star patterns can influence the Sun’s gravitational field in such a way that the solar wind patterns can then create a slightly different interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field in the case of each constellation that the Sun passes.

While a clear connection between this fact and the influence that astrology has on human beings has yet to be discovered, it is enough to show astrologists that seeing the signs as constellations is very important, especially when it comes to adding new astrological signs.

According to many astrologists and astrology fans, the addition of new zodiac signs can be a very positive innovation. First of all, there has been too much emphasis on the equality between various signs when it comes to the time periods they were designated.

Some of the constellations are larger, therefore the sun takes longer to pass through them. For precision’s sake, it should be more natural then for the signs’ designated time periods to only last as much as the period when the sun passes through their corresponding constellations. People that understand this issue know that new zodiac signs are mandatory because otherwise we would have days that do not apply to any of the existing 12 zodiac signs.

Practically, it would be a pity to continue disregarding the presence of Ophiuchus simply to perpetuate the existing zodiac. Astrologists claim that their practice is a science and when you find out that the past considerations of their scientific observations are proven wrong, it is the duty of the practitioners to correct the mistake and act on the new knowledge even if there haven’t been any new zodiac signs changed before.

Adding new zodiac signs can be an incredibly exciting improvement and it can change the lives of many people in showing them information regarding the star sign that they really belong to. Also, this can be the chance to gain much more insight regarding the way in which the stars truly influence the birth of each person in the world.

It is clear that the past system never really worked properly and many people wonder why it had to take so long until this change could finally happen. In these times, adding new zodiac signs is therefore not only an excellent course of action but a long awaited one as well.

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