Neptune in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Neptune in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Neptune in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Neptune in 1st house

Learn who “you” are during this period of your life. This is the house of yourself and Neptune may cause you to imagine yourself as someone else. You may put on a “mask” to disguise yourself from other people…create an illusion. That is false. You must learn that you need to concentrate on yourself and not let Neptune make you become someone that you not really are. The good side is that you may feel caring. And you may want to care for someone else. You may become dependent on them during this transit.

Neptune in 2nd house

This transit may cause a period in your life where you may have “delusions of grandeur” about money. You may “kid” yourself into really believing that you are successful when not. You may build a financial “ivory tower” but that’s all it may be: an illusion, or a mirage like in the desert. On the better side if you realize this and not fall into it’s spell, you can be more practical and stop yourself from being lavish or spending foolishly. Remember: Neptune rules illusions and how many people have you ever met that have the “live today for tomorrow we die” attitude? That is Neptune!

Neptune in 3rd house

Communication is affected with the movement thru this house. If you are in negotiations about a matter, you must be carefull to check into the total situation. You may seek out spiritual truth. If that is the case, then go for it! If your thinking process is not clear, then many mis-understandings will occur. Confusion can be accented with this transit so try to think all matters clearly before making decisions. That is the key to this house transit.

Neptune in 4th house

Your domestic life can take on many strange consequences during this time. You may imagine (if you have children) that they are doing things you suspect or “think” you suspect that they are not doing correctly. If you are a parent, realize this and that they too, have their own lives and must have their own learning experiences. Now for your own parental aspect: Your own parents may seem difficult too. Work out what you need to, or the mis-understandings will carry over to the next house which is a lot more pleasant!

Neptune in 5th house

If you are contemplating a marriage or forming a partnership, you probably are looking for more meaning now than ever. Avoid getting into risky or chancy adventures now. If you think you are going to win big at gambling, well you might as well be aware that it probably won’t be a giant jack pot around this time. Don’t let it cause you not to have fun…as it just is not a good time in your life for risky endeavors.

Neptune in 6th house

A personal note here: I now have Neptune in my 6th house, had what I thought was a health problem, had xray scans etc. I was convinced I had possibly cancer and went to a top specialist. It turned out to be a “spot” on the xray and not anything. Was I ever relieved! The 6th house is the house of health and some other things. This was a definite case of illusion for me! Unless there are other badly aspected planets in your health house, you will not usually have any health problems. You also may get strange ideas about eating habits. And also you may want to be purified in some way. You might want to start a diet for spiritual cleansing reasons. That is o.k. but don’t deprive your body of the nutrition it really needs. Just be sensible!

Neptune in 7th house

Misunderstandings and lack of communication. Remember again, Neptune deals with the illusion aspect. That is the real key word with Neptune..however spirituality is the deeper part of it. Again children can be a problem now if you have them. The other better part about this transit is that you may feel artistically creative during this twelve year period. So be creative in any kind of art, music or literature etc. Be cautious about taking on any partners now. You could really be taken or taken advantage of and not realize this until your Neptune moves on to the 8th house. You will then realize what happened in the last 12 years or so in the 7th house. Why do so many people end up in divorce? Illusion about the relationship! You really need to be aware of this transit as this may be the cause of problems. But it does not always mean “that” either. It also depends on a lot of other planet aspects to this house.(That is where an astrologist can help..with your personal reading) You may end up caring for someone ill. If you have to hire a lawyer now, things may not turn out like you thought they would either.

Neptune in 8th house

This is the house of legacies. You may have trouble getting loans etc. unless your credit is good. Also you may lose someone close to you..maybe not by death…but in other ways. You may have misunderstandings regarding money or other property. Also your own hidden areas may come to the surface during this transit. The other part of your past life is now fading and a new era for you is coming! That is the good part about this transit.

Neptune in 9th house

You are now ready for new spiritual thinking…but also can create new illusions. Control your ego and don’t become egocentric. You will think you are above and beyond others at this time. Well just enjoy it and get the best out of it as you will change your mind about a lot of ideas you have become obsessed with after the 10th house transit arrives.

Neptune in 10th house

Illusion about what you are doing especially in your career now. You may feel like you are on a cloud. You may feel you are in a dream and living in one. You may feel discouraged too. Well by this time you may just not like Neptune and wish it didn’t even exist! Well, sorry but Neptune is still here in the universe whether you like it or not! And just remember: Life isn’t perfect and if you feel that it is…that is great..but you need to be realistic.

Neptune in 11th house

Sharing friendships now is great! However you may be attracted to the kinds of people who really aren’t who you think they are. Like “Oh what an impression this person makes on me”! You think that they are “grand” as they may show you their mask..not their true face. Look into them. When Neptune transits the 12th house, these so called friends may even get you into trouble and cause you “mind” confinement, addiction, or even institutional correction! This will not happen to those who are wise!

Neptune in 12th house

Now is the time to evaluate your life in spiritual terms. Neptune is also deep spirit..which is the best positive reflection of this planet. Like water, it reflects. Have you been masquerading as another person who is not really you? Have you been “kidding” yourself about who “you” really are? Now is the time to remove these masks and be the real you! If you cannot find peace here, then you probably never will.


Lady Dee
Neptune in 1st House: If Neptune lies within 8 degrees of the Ascendant (conjunct) then it will have a very powerful influence on the personality as a whole, and in this case the sign placing will also be important. In any case, Neptune in the first house tends to weaken the strength of the Ascendant sign. Taking the easy way out of challenges is common, and the subject finds it hard to get or to stay motivated. Self confidence may be low, but the dreaminess and idealism of this person can be a huge force for good.

Neptune in 2nd House: Here the subject’s attitude to money is not very sensible. Usually very generous, even excessively so, these people are easily taken in by con artists and the like. Professional financial advice is usually recommended, as this individual is also rather gullible when it comes to advertising and investments. However, this placement is very good for someone who likes to invest in art, which could actually be very fortuitous. There is often a delightful sentimentality of expression with this placement, too.

Neptune in 3rd House: People with this placing often have rather mixed feelings towards their siblings, and excessive jealousy can be a problem. Early education here is often unsettled – it is not that there is a lack of intellectual ability (quite the opposite) but that these people may spend rather too much time daydreaming or using their incredible imagination, with the result that concentration can be poor.

Neptune in 4th House: This placing is often found in people who’s early home life was rather chaotic and unsettled (but not necessarily un-loving). This is a tricky placing for Neptune, and often indicates mixed feelings about home, domesticity and parenthood. Depending very much upon the aspects that Neptune receives and its general strength in the natal chart, this can lead to a muddled, confused home life or a wonderfully inspirational and artistic one.

Neptune in 5th House: This placing adds a great deal of imaginative flair to the subject’s curiosity, which will be expressed in the manner of whichever sign is on the cusp of the 5th house. Possible problems in romance are indicated, however, with this person in love with the idea of love, and very starry-eyed and gullible in affairs of the heart. A strong fantasy life is likely. Gambling is probably rather unlucky for people with this placing, and they should take care not to take foolish risks either with money or with their safety.

Neptune in 6th House: This placing has a big impact on the health of the subject, often bringing mysterious allergies and aches. Mind you, the imagination works overtime too, so there is a distinct possibility of hypochondria. A low threshold of tolerance for drugs (both medial and recreational) is indicated, and the subject needs to take extra care in this area. Homeopathy and natural remedies are ideally suited to this person. With a lack of self-discipline, this subject also finds it difficult to settle into any kind of organised daily routine.

Neptune in 7th House: Here the emphasis is on Neptune’s influence over romance and marriage. This person may find it hard to settle into a long term relationship, because over-romanticising a partner nearly always leads to disappointment and heartbreak. When they learn to accept a partner, warts and all, however, they can be wonderfully inspirational and romantic lovers. Not the most practical of people with everyday living, however, they need someone to remind them to pay the bills and feed the cat!

Neptune in 8th House: This placing adds a deep and meaningful passion to the sex life, and generally ensures a very satisfactory expression of desire. However, this placing is also often associated with sexual guilt of one kind or another, and it is important that these people accept themselves for who they are. The powers of seduction are certainly enhanced here, and this person is usually very popular with their chosen partners.

Neptune in 9th House: Neptune here has a considerable effect upon the intellect, giving inspiration and idealism that combine marvellously well with a philosophical outlook upon life. Often considered wise (sometimes wiser than their years), this subject may well have a religious or studious vocation of some kind. In any case, there is probably a strong interest in mysticism and other ‘new age’ subjects. However, despite the considerable intellectual potential, people with this placing are not too good with details, and often wish they could develop more organisational skills.

Neptune in 10th House: This is an important placing of Neptune, and usually means that the subject has experienced many changes in life direction or career path. If Neptune is conjunct the Midheaven, the sign becomes important as this will be a definite influence on the subject’s career aspirations. At it’s best, this is a person with a colourful career and a great deal of spiritual satisfaction from their working and public life. At worst, however, this person lacks a sense of ambition or direction. Care should be taken not to just drift along in life, else satisfaction may be hard to come by.

Neptune in 11th House: With this placing, the subject usually enjoys a good social life and has a wide circle of friends – but is often all too easily taken in by fair weather friends and exploited by societies and groups. However, this person has a charitable heart and will greatly enjoy doing their bit for mankind through altruistic activities. However, there may be a dislike of responsibility, especially in career matters.

Neptune in 12th House: Neptune is at home with this placing, since this is the house of Pisces. Often Neptune works well here, firing up the imagination and providing a perception and intuitiveness that borders on the psychic. However, this person is very private by nature, and if Neptune is badly afflicted, may even become reclusive. Very creative, this placement does not, however, help self-confidence levels, and this subject may well be hiding their light under a bushel. Self-deception and/or escapism into drink or drugs are possibilities if there are many negative aspects to Neptune.

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