Negative Tarot Cards- Why do they show up?

Negative Tarot Cards- Why do they show up?

Why Do I Get Negative tarot cards in my readings?.

Negative cards are often opportunities for personal reflection and growth.   A time to find lessons and light in the darkness.

The tarot itself does not make value judgements. Good/bad, light/dark, good/evil, right/wrong. The feeling we get from them are our own and there is a full and very colorful spectrum of meaning inherent in each card and each symbol found on a card. Getting to know each tarot card well means getting to know this spectrum of meaning, working with it, and in the process we are integrating the light and dark within ourselves.

The challenge here of course is finding the sparks of light and precious gems that exist in those seemingly dark cards. I like to think of it as exploring a dark cave guided by our own inner light to find where the secret treasure chest is hidden, buried deeply in the cool earth. It takes some time to find the treasure and a little work too. But when one can eventually find and see this treasure, this spectrum of meaning, which includes seeing also the negative aspect of generally positive cards, then one is experiencing wholeness and reconciling the light and dark within. (Also known as the process of individuation ,psychological growth and maturity, a Jungian concept.)

In approaching tarot this way, one is enriching the possible meanings for each card and therefore will provide depth in readings have much more insight to offer.

In an extreme view, to see all the cards in a deck as all light or positive, or all dark and negative is setting up an internal imbalance. What goes up, must come down at some time, and when we are at our lowest, the only way to go then is up.

In real life, things are not always doom and gloom as well as not always sunshine and joy. Life is a good mixture of these elements, which facilitates internal growth and psychological and spiritual health.

The goal is to develop a good vision of this spectrum in tarot, and to also strive for balance, wholeness and a broader awareness within.

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