Mythic Tarot Review

Mythic Tarot Review


The best tarot reading I ever received was this past summer in Las Vegas. I went to a lovely metaphysical store and the reader used the mythic tarot. I was so impressed with its art and her ability to interpret them with ease that I had to buy a deck for myself.

The Mythic tarot is a deck of 78 cards based on Greek Mythology. It is boxed with a rather informative, though flimsy guide ( my cover binding separated upon first opening the book) and a black layout cloth. Most of the characters of the Major Arcana are Greek Gods/Goddesses, (though the hierophant is a centaur!) and the cards are titled, but not numbered. Each card has a yellowy beige border, giving it an antique look. The pages of the book are also the same antique shade. The court cards and minor arcana are typical Waite.

The illustrations are very detailed but its colors are slightly muted, not too vivid. I found that a few of the drawings were a bit too different than what I was used to, and as a result I found myself almost arguing with the deck! Two major examples are the magician, who is using his left hand to point up and right hand to point down ( revered from every deck I have ever seen) and the Strength card which depicts Heracles wrestling with the lion, instead of a woman. Perhaps others may call this being too picky of me, but I simply couldn’t attune to the cards once I noticed this.

When it came to my own usage I was not all as accurate as my tarot reader was. This deck does not warrant itself to reverses, which are an absolute must for me. In addition to the above changes, I found that I was simply unable to read the cards and put away the spread. However, I found that once I managed to secure the cover back onto the book I was impressed with its contents.

I know of many readers that have found this to be a wonderful tool for them. In my case however, it didn’t happen. This is a marvelous deck for mythology buffs and a good deck to add to a collection for educational purposes if nothing else. I guess you can say that I learned to not judge a tarot deck by its reader!

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  • Marie says:

    Do not have this deck, but am a little familar by reading about it as I thought about getting it at one point. One of my friends recommended as it is how she initially learned tarot. The cards depict the archetypal characters and life experiences of Greek mythology, sort of a story is associated with each card.

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