BY Melissa Martinez

Moving On

It can be nearly impossible to move on after you have a breakup. Relationships are very important to most people and there are many people who live for romance. When they end up breaking up with their partners, they often become stuck and can’t move on. This is a waste of time and energy, because no matter how hard it is, life has to be lived and it can only be lived by moving forward. Here are some ways to help yourself move on after a breakup so you can keep on living your life.

Once you have cried it all out and you are not as angry or depressed, sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself. This can be very difficult, because the ones we are least honest with are ourselves. But you need to do this in order to use the breakup to make yourself become a better person. Look at your relationship. Yes, it’s painful but force yourself to do it. Think about what you and your partner did or didn’t do. Did your partner always forget your birthday? Did you always nag your partner to do things, even when they were exhausted from work and only wanted to relax? Be honest because there are bound to be things you could have done or shouldn’t have done, just as there are things your partner could or shouldn’t have done. Are you impatient to a fault? Are you critical? Take this as an opportunity to work on your flaws and be a better person.

Get a makeover. Changing your look can help you let go of the past. If you always had short hair, grow it out. Do something that is different and just for you. Maybe it’ll make your ex-lover jealous and want you back or maybe it’ll just set you on the road to a new you and a better life. Another great thing is to get involved. Don’t sit around and mope, watching infomercials and eating ice cream. Join a club, a gym or a sport. Get out, live and remember that a break up is not the end of you.

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