Motherpeace Tarot Review

Motherpeace Tarot Review

by Vicki Noble and Carol Vogle

Circles and cycles are ever spinning in the meaning of the nature of the Universe and life itself. All things, from the great cosmos to the tiniest atomic particle, are in a constantly changing cycle. Such are our lives, throughout human history to our own individual history. Like the cogs of great wheels, ever turning other wheels connected to other wheels, greater and smaller, the cycles continue. Reflecting this ever turning cycle of nature is the Motherpeace Tarot.
The Motherpeace Tarot, a 78-card tarot deck created by Vicki Noble and Carol Vogle, is an “unorthodox” tarot deck. It is round, instead of the rectangular shape of most tarot decks. While there are reverse aspects, reverse is just part of the cycle of where one might be in a card reading.

The Motherpeace bases it’s shape and imagery on the ancient Goddess religions of the world, with aspects reflecting shamanic, native American, old European, and African traditions and philosophies.

Both higher and lower arcana are images that bring together aspects of many traditions of the world, giving credence to a unifying idea of the feminine nature in the Universal Spirit. The cards are ideal for the reader to get in touch with the feminine in Spirit and Nature, themselves, and the people for whom they are reading.

The art of the cards is simple and lively in its colors, hues, tones and imagery, yet full of meaning and symbolism. This art is very much like the cave paintings and ancient temples from the shamanic and religious traditions from which they were taken. The Minor Arcana and Major Arcana are beautiful.

One might find images of Ancient Mycenea mixed with Hopi and African traditions in a reading, giving the reader the idea of the cycles of seasons, birth and death, the cosmos of nature and life.

The Motherpeace Tarot is a beautiful, meaningful tarot deck that is fuller in its ability to show the cycles of life. This deck is useful to those who want to reflect the feminist nature and the full cycle of life.

The Motherpeace Tarot is a great alternative to the usual tarot decks in circulation. This deck comes with a book that explains the cards with obvious deep knowledge of feminine spirituality. I highly recomment this beautiful deck as a great addition to one’s tarot collection, if not as one’s primary deck.

The Motherpeace Tarot
is published by U.S. Games Inc.
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  • She crys the wind says:

    This deck was the first round deck. By Karen Vogle and Vickie Noble.
    It is available in two sizes: The regular and the mini. I recommend the mini size. The regular size makes shuffling this round deck sooo difficult and it also detracts from the artwork. The artwork in this deck looks better in the mini size. The mini size is also the size that comes in the deck and book set. (the full size is approx 5 inches as compared to 3 inches for the mini)

    This is the first deck I learned on. It is often considered to not be a beginners deck but I have not had problems. It is a feminist deck but not foaming-at-the-mouth-feminist like another round deck that I have seen.

    The suits are different from the Rider-Waite. The court cards in the Minor Arcana have been changed: Shamans replace Kings, Priestess replace Queens, Sons replace Knights, and Daughters replace Pages. In the Major Arcana: The Crone replaces the Hermit. Otherwise, the rest has not been changed. Traditional suits are used except Discs replaces Pentacles.

    This deck is very positive and multi-cultural as it honors women of all colors from a time when religion was matriarchial. I have found that this deck is the most accurate for my personal readings. It is also a very strong deck for meditation and for use in ritual. I have had lovely experiences using the deck in this manner.

    There are quite a few books available for use with this deck but the one I recommend as a must-have is the one that comes with the mini-deck/book set. If you don’t get it as a set, the book title is: *Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art, and Tarot* by Vicki Noble.

    Other books available are:

    *Motherpeace Tarot Guidebook

    *Motherpeace Tarot Playbook (workbook)

    *Making Ritual with Motherpeace Cards

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