Morgan-Greer Tarot Review

Morgan-Greer Tarot Review

Morgan-Greer Tarot

The Morgan Greer Tarot deck is on of these Waite-Smith clones; it sticks so much to Pamela Smith’s original designs that there is not much to say about this deck. The symbolism has been simplified, and “purified” from heavy Hebraic and Astrological connections. The author adopted the close-up style that can also be noted in the Aquarian and New Palladini Tarots.This is sometimes annoying as you don’t get to see the whole picture, crucial for some scenes: For example, in the Fool, the viewpoint doesn’t allow you to see clearly that the boy is about to fall off the cliff. In the 5 of wands, you don’t see what is happening; you can’t guess whether it is a fight or a “all for one, one for all”! Same remark for the 7 of Pentacles and 9 of swords.

I do like the look of the cards major arcana to the minor arcana.

Another annoying point is that there is no consistent distribution of ages and generations among the court cards. Some knights look like kings, and some pages have the look knights should have had. See an example here.The pentacles are a bit too big on certain cards. However, these are details you only see when you fussy and want to be picky. Overall, I like this deck. In particular its Devil which is the best Devil I have ever come across. More cards can be seen here.

This deck is primarily for beginners, but everybody can use it without any problem.

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  • April May says:

    The Morgan-Greer Tarot is both beautiful and colorful. A more modern version of Rider-Waite, this is the deck that I use most often for readings. The card package includes a twelve page booklet with a brief introduction, interpretations for the Major and Minor arcana in upright and reversed postions, and a diagram of the Celtic cross spread with card positions.

    It uses the traditional Rods, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. They mimic the Rider-Waite version, except that they are more magnified and have a more colorful appearance. Designed without borders, the images tend to flow into one another which allows the reader to get a smoothly flowing message. When doing a three card spread, you can see all three cards as one picture making it is easier to blend the cards.

    The color blue is very prominent in this deck. This is the color of intuition, communication and the throat chakra. With all the different shades of blue it is very easy to give a very intuitive reading. These cards are very pleasing to the eye.

    The court cards have the traditional page, knight, queen, and king shown from the waist up. Each is very colorful and attractive.

    This is truly a delightful deck of cards to be enjoyed on all levels!

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