Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot card meaning

Card Number: XVIII the Moon Arcana (18)

The Moon Upright

Danger, Disgrace, Intuition, Twilight, Bad influence, Craftiness, Deceit, Deception, Disillusionment, False friends, Libel, Obscurity, Selfishness, Slander, Superficiality, Ulterior motives, Unknown enemies

The Moon Reversed

A minor deception recognized before damage is done, Gain without paying the price, Overcoming bad temptation, Taking advantage of someone, Trifling mistakes

moon tarot

The Querent can be advised that the Moon tarot card suggests an emotional and mental rollercoaster ride. The Querent could choose to wallow in despair or to be calm and attempt to resolve whatever crisis that may come.

 Tarot Symbol

There is a full moon with a crescent within. Twin pillars are present and two dogs/wolves were howling. A stream runs to the ocean and there is a crayfish which emerges out of the water.

Tarot Story

The Fool followed the star and traveled through the night. The Moon rises and illuminates a watery path for him. The Fool feels like he is walking in his sleep. He passes under th moon and found himself to be in another land. The path that the Fool had been using becomes a river and he stands hip-deep in the waters. There is a boat which is parked nearby, However, there wasn’t any oar. At this point, the Fool realizes that he can wither lose himself in this primal land or he could get onto the boat and move himself to the river. The Fool gets into the boat and shoves off.

Tarot Meaning

 The Moon card is a tarot card which is associated with sleep, dreams and nightmares. It may seem scary to some people because it warns people that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. However, it should also be noted that this is also a card of great creativity, powerful magic and primal feelings. The Querent who has drawn this card may wish to note that he or she may be going through a period of emotional and mental trial. Drugs and alcohols should be avoided as irreparable damage can be caused.

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Card Description:

The Moon is high in the night sky. It is large and yellow, the pale profile
of a woman’s face is within the moon. Her eyes are closed. Below the moon
are yellow drops of light, falling like a light rain onto the ground below.

In the very foreground of the card, is the edge of a lake or pond. The
surface of the water has been disturbed by the blue crustacean that has
emerged from it. A thin dirt path is directly in front of him, this path
stretches out as far as the eye can see. On the grass on either side of this
path are a dog and a wolf.

The brown dog, on the left, is standing on all fours, his back to us,
howling at the moon. The Wolf, a lighter shade of brown, sits on his hind
legs and looks up at the moon, his teeth are bared.

In the middle ground of the card, the grass is a dark green. Two tall, grey
towers stand on either side of the card. They have one square window at the
top. The towers are rectangle shape. The left tower sits on the dark green
grass. The right one sits on a ledge of light green grass. A small blue
stream zig-zags in front of this tower.

In the distance are blue mountains.

Moon Tarot in the upright position:

LBW:- Deception, twilight, obscurity, intuition, disillusionment, danger,
bad influence, ulterior motives, false friends, selfishness, deceit,
craftiness, disgrace, slander, libel, superficiality, unknown enemies.

Moon Card in the Reversed position:

Reversed:- A minor deception recognized before damage is done, trifling
mistakes, overcoming bad temptation, gain without paying the price, taking
advantage of someone.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    Change IS coming. The secret lies in the understanding that the past, the present, and the future are one continuous process. It is the many filters we employ that pigeon hole the unfolding of past, present, future as distinct and separate “times”.

    This card indicates that confidence can be embraced by heeding our instincts and listening to our intuition. Whether the MOON be gibbous, new, or full it is always in its place in the cosmos.

    Recognizing our kinship with the universe gives us an edge. The Moon is the link between the human physicality, the mind, the brain, and the deiform. We are evolving every moment of our lives. Physically we are evolving through the stages of our physicality coupled with our intellect: birth, maiden/adolescent, woman/man, wise woman/wise man, crone/elder, death. Spiritually we are evolving as well, with or without actively participating in the process. The feral dog represents our wild, untrammeled, readily adaptable, natural condition. The domesticated dog represents our tendency to tame, to mold, to train, and to habituate. The key is to allow both “art” (that is our all too human tendency to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature) represented by the well-groomed animal, and the untamed (our animalistic tendency to run wild and howl at the moon!) to have a place in our lives.

    We become the active agent, and thus a full participant in our spiritual evolution, when we learn to manipulate the area between the tame and the wild. When we can do that the evolution of our spirituality speeds up. We can witness our growth, our progress, our evolution.The crustacean is evidence of our immeasurable adaptability. Humans can survive (if not flourish) in nearly every extreme of temperature and can exploit nature for food and shelter in all but the most extreme environments. The purplish coloration is a Golden Dawn reference to the Sefer Yetzirah and the Western Esoteric Tradition’s Tree of Life. Purples are representational of the foundation, Yesod.

    The road dissecting the card demonstrates that no spiritual path is ever risk-free and straightforward. Rather our path, as our life, is filled with turns, ups, and downs. As a friend once succinctly said, it is what we do every day that counts…This card also points out the instinctual fear of the unknown that we all share whether we are aware of it or not. Fear is part of the “old brain” that is the head.

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