Moon in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Moon in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Moon in the Houses of the Natal Chart Moon in 1st house

Personal things over rule.

Moon in 2nd house

Material things mean more to you.

Moon in 3rd house

You may not be accurate about that!

Moon in 4th house

Try to be alone.

Moon in 5th house

Don’t try to hide your feelings.

Moon in 6th house

Take care of yourself now. Don’t over do it.

Moon in 7th house

Give the one you love emotional attention.

Moon in 8th house

Emotions are tense.

Moon in 9th house

Get “away” in your mind or take a little trip.

Moon in 10th house

Attend to business now.

Moon in 11th house

Contact your friends & talk on a deeper level.

Moon in 12th house

Withdrawal is eminent.


Lady Dee
MOON IN 1ST HOUSE: The nearer the Moon is to the Ascending degree, the stronger the Moon’s influence will be. If it forms a conjunction with the Ascendant itself, then this will be a vital factor in the chart, quite possibly the dominating one. With our without the conjunction, however, the effect of the moon in this house is a softening of the personality, endowing the subject with a great urge to care for other people. There is also a strong self-protective instinct, and the subject will open up and express himself only when he is really sure he can trust someone. The intuition and emotions will be forces to be reckoned with. The skin is sensitised by this position, and good sun care is essential. The vitality may fluctuate, and the digestive (and in women, the reproductive) system can be sensitive.

MOON IN 2ND HOUSE: The need for security, both emotional and financial is very pertinent here, and the Moon’s attributes, as shown by its sign, will flourish against a much needed secure background. There is a strong instinct to save and to collect possessions. Peaks and troughs are likely in the subject’s financial position, and when the coffers are low, imagination runs riot, and the worst possible scenario is imagined over and over again. In fact, constant worry about money can be a very real problem, even if the subject is well off. This person can be very materialistic if the rest of the birth chart is so inclined. Often, money slips easily through their fingers, and they can be gullible and over-generous, which in turn works against their acquisitive instincts, causing conflict. However, a good business instinct is often present, and if other planets support it, the subject should take note of his intuition when deciding where to invest money. A trine from the Moon to Saturn will help, but squares or oppositions to Jupiter or Neptune won’t.

MOON IN 3RD HOUSE: Here the most basic need is to communicate, and this will be expressed in the manner of the Moon’s sign. The need for knowledge is also strong, but is often superficial rather than in-depth. What is learnt is also often forgotten in the rush to move onto something new – boredom can be a very real problem. Quite cunning when they want to be, these people also have a certain amount of shrewd cleverness, especially when challenged. Feelings and emotions are easily put into words, unless the Moon’s sign signifies otherwise. This is a good position for the Moon, enabling the subject to talk through emotional difficulties. Only a close square from Pluto or Saturn will prevent this. However, a Scorpio Moon sign can also block the feelings, and thus cause problems for a third house Moon.

MOON IN 4TH HOUSE: The Moon works well and powerfully from this house, and there can be a very vital urge to create a home and a family. The domestic life is very important, and when there are tensions at home, the subject finds all other aspects of his life difficult too. In building a secure home for himself, the subject must realise that his security can be someone else’s suffocation; he must try to avoid creating claustrophobic atmospheres for loved ones. The caring, protective qualities of this placement can turn inwards, so that over-protecting the self leads to introversion and a fear of the unknown. If there are already indications of shyness elsewhere in the chart, this could be cause for concern.

MOON IN 5TH HOUSE: Unless this placing occurs in a chart where creative ability is clear, the creative urge of the 5th house moon will be directed into procreation, with great joy gained from parenthood. As well as children,this is the house of love-making, and this individual will be an instinctive, responsive lover. There is an imbalance here between the extrovert qualities of the 5th house, and the introspective assets of the moon – one moment the subject may be the life and soul of the party, the next they may withdraw into themselves for no apparent reason. Which direction ‘wins’ will be shown by the Moon sign – for instance, a Sagittarian moon will be more extrovert, whilst a Pisces moon will be more introvert.

MOON IN 7TH HOUSE: This placing adds greatly to the individual’s ability to respond well and sensitively to a partner. However, there can be a tendency to submerge totally in the partner, and these people are sometimes in danger of losing their own identity in a relationship. Although they have an instinctive need to find their ‘other half’, the subject here may not always respond to the partner in the same way – the moon here provokes moodiness, and sometimes emotional scenes. Often this is deliberate, in order to attract the partner’s attention, or to reassure the subject that he or she is loved. This person will also be extremely protective towards a partner, and often does not realise the damage that deliberate emotional outbursts can do to the relationship.

MOON IN 8TH HOUSE: Here the instinctive Moon is in a house where intuition, emotion and deep-rooted feelings are emphasised. In some cases, the subject may have a ‘sixth sense’ or psychic abilities, especially of Neptune is strong elsewhere in the chart. There is a strong sexual urge with this placing, and the emotional resources are considerable. However, there is also a lack of trust in other people, and a lot of jealousy when the subject is in a close relationship. Money from inheritances or investments is also emphasised in this house – as a result, subjects should keep a careful eye on their investments, lest they fluctuate a little too much.

MOON IN 9TH HOUSE: Here the subject has an instinctive need to stretch his or her intellect through study, but the powers of concentration fluctuate, making study sometimes harder than it need be. A strong Moon sign and good aspects to Mercury and Jupiter will help, but determination is essential, and must be found from elsewhere in the chart. These people are also prone to a lot of wishful thinking ‘If only….’ is a common phrase. There is also an attraction to travel in this placing, with long journeys almost certainly taking place within the imagination if not in reality. The intellect is philosophical, but moral decisions are usually taken instinctively. The subject is often on a permanent quest for the ‘truth’ – and they usually find whatever ‘truth’ they had hoped to find.

MOON IN 10TH HOUSE: This placing often indicates someone who has the potential for tremendous success in their chosen field. There is the ability to govern large groups, and these two things often combine in, say, politics for instance. These people make excellent bosses, having a great deal of rapport and understanding with those over whom they have authority. Often this person is widely loved. The need for change, variety and ambition is very strong, and the career is likely to be a focal point of the whole chart. An instinctive ability for handling change is a big asset to these people, and an impeccable sense of timing is often present too.

MOON IN 11TH HOUSE: Here the instincts of the Moon are expressed towards groups, as though the individual will always want to ‘belong’, whatever that means to him or her. It is important that these people do not try to buy love or acceptance, and that they develop the self-assurance to stand on their own two feet. Friendships are usually deep and good, but this person is in danger of losing their own identity at times. Also an essentially private person, he or she is difficult to get to know well, probably out of a sense of self-protection. Alternatively, they may cry out to be loved, and be so open to others that they put off the very people whose friendship and companionship they seek. They need to stop trying to so hard to be liked, and just allow themselves to be liked for who and what they are.

MOON IN 12TH HOUSE: No matter how extrovert and outgoing this subject may be, it is important for them to acknowledge their strong urge to withdraw and spend some time alone. This withdrawal is instinctive, and both psychologically and spiritually restorative. This retreat is will be undertaken in the manner of the Sun or Ascendant sign – one person might go on actual spiritual retreat, for instance, whilst another will find all the peace and quiet he needs listening to rock music in his bedroom. There is a natural kindness in this placing, and a strong emotional response. The subject is often moved to make sacrifices for others – the Moon sign will show whether this is through hard work, emotional support or material help. A tendency to deceive is also present, and the subject may frequently succumb to negative escapism and secrecy.

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